LFM Herald of the Titans! (Horde)

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my warrior is now full 219/226s (mostly 226)
nearly full BiS hunter, I know the fight front and back.

real-id: pjmcandrews@express-scripts.com

This will be the easiest way to get in contact with me. I am available at all times. Thank you.
I just started gearing this toon for the ach. and I have a friend who is also gearing up a warrior to either tank, or dps for it, if you guys are still doing Uld runs to help people gear up and too eventually come along for a Herald of the Titans run we would love to some day partake in this.

Both of us have had exp. in Uld all the way up to 2 lights in the darkness back when Uld was main content.

If you get this message plz just respond back on this forum, i'll be frequently checking it.
I'd be interested in this. I have the set for the most part. Missing a few items I'll have end of this week. Get back with me if you're still doing this

RiD - Dubdude007@aol.com

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