<Disavowed> is now recruiting!

I heard Darkspear is a pretty good PvP server which is why I'm interested in coming here. How does Alliance do with TB and random BG's there?
Random BG's span across all Battlegroups (In case you didnt know)
TB is pretty much ours 99% of the time.
^ up we go! ^
Bumpy bumpity bump bump!
Bumping for possible conversion to 25 man guild! :D
Shame I cant help heal you guys.

Dont like the times. Go for a 3pm server time till 5 server time I might consider it.
Bump for amazing players!
Hi I would be interested tanking or healing what ever role you needed, I do not have much experiance in dragonsoul and would need some direction on the fights, my healer set is similar item level as my tank set, let me know if your interested
Message one of our officers. :D
Bump! :D
  • http://www.wowprogress.com/pve/us/darkspear/rating.tier13_25
  • http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/darkspear/Disavowed/rating.tier13_10
  • Woot :D
    Lets go back to the top and stop all this Roleplaying PVP crap.
    Harroh, I heard you want my shaman. By I heard, I mean, I need to convert server time to Italy time so I can see how miserable raid times would be.
    I just moved to this server, and am looking for both a pvp and pve guild. I have a dk tank/dps and a warlock that i attempt to dps on. (lol) I have a friend with an established guild that i am waiting to hear from for a guild invite. if that falls through id love to join. I prefer rated battlegrounds over arena and have ran many with my dk (frost).
    I am relatively new to tanking and have tanked all the 'newer' stuff, except for LFR type, but i would love to learn how to tank those, and earlier ones such as firelands stuff. I am always looking to improve my skillset and am a very much about teamwork.
    My main's name is Lamentation, for some reason it doesnt show up as an option to post with at the moment but feel free to shoot me a something in my mailbox in game or solaceofwinter@gmail.com. Ill let you know if the other guild doesnt work out.
    New to the server and have my first Alliance character at max level. While I have 6 max level Horde characters on Wildhammer, I want to start progressing this character in both PvE and PvP. Opportunities exist for making a server and faction transfer for at least one other character.

    While I was happy to find a guild quickly on Darkspear, I am finding that the very very casual nature of the guild and lack of scheduled events has me looking to find a guild more active and goal oriented group.

    This character is Disc/Holy. Disc is a new healing style for me, but being picked up quickly to make use of it's PvP advantages.

    This character isn't heavily geared, but always willing to join a progression group and looking for opportunities to advance. iLvl 390 (PuG requirements ... sigh) is a long ways off saving up the valor, and being the only character I have on the server gold is not aplenty.

    Looking forward to meeting you or one of the oficers in-game for a conversation.
    Yeah guys, just message me in-game or on Diablo for an invite.
    Epic bump for barely making the 25 man raid this week!
    Curse you Diablo 3!

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