400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

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We’ve sent the remaining 400,000 Annual Pass beta invites last night, which concludes the entirety of those who have signed up for the offer thus far. Of course the Annual Pass offer is still available, providing those who sign up for a year of World of Warcraft with a special in-game mount, a beta invite for Mists of Pandaria, and a digital copy of Diablo III. From here on out we’ll be continuing to invite anyone else who signs up for the Annual Pass.

See you in Pandaria!

[edit] Due to the large number of invites sent there are some that bounced back for various reasons, and we'll be working to apply those invites over the next few days. If you haven't received your invite yet it's likely you're one of the few affected by such an issue, and rest assured we're working to get you into the beta as soon as possible. Please be aware that customer service does not have the ability to flag accounts for beta. Thank you for your patience.
thank you
I got mine.
I got mine YAY!

Thank you so much!
Does this mean the Annual Pass QQ will finally be done?
I certainly hope so.
Does this mean the Annual Pass QQ will finally be done?
I certainly hope so.

It's already being replaced by "why doesn't this work? Stuff is broken! Blizzard u teh sux0rs, why can't you make a game that works?" threads from those who clearly have no idea what a Beta is.
wow 400k
I have not been flagged for the Beta yet and I am an AP holder, are the invites not done yet?
You say "sent" so I assume you mean they are all flagged? I bought the annual pass back in March and I am not flagged yet. =(
I haven't gotten one.. :x I have the annual pass and have since November.
I got mine earlier this morning. Thanks!
Does this mean the Annual Pass QQ will finally be done?
I certainly hope so.

It seems the QQ is not over just yet.
sent does not me you have received it yet. i was in the last wave before this one and it was only 250,000 took me about 32 hours before I got it, just give it a day or so and you will have it. also with all these new people coming severs are going to crash just like last time for a while so even after you get it dont count on being able to log on because you and 1 million other will be trying to.
WOW!!!!! it's about to get really crowded in pandaland :) Gratz all :)
Before you panic for having not gotten your invite yet, remember that it will take the system quite some time to flag all 400,000 people. Some may get it right away, others may have to wait until tomorrow.
I have been an Annual Pass holder since November and my husband in March...neither of our accounts are flagged for beta yet. :(
Thanks for the invite, looking forward to getting in tonight, checking things out, and hopefully having some good feedback for you guys : )
Personally I tip my hat to you Blizzard. You folks took a lot of flak at the start of this process but the way the waves have gone out and to have everyone in at this stage of the beta is impressive.

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