400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

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Are there plans to send beta invites to people who did not sign up for the Annual Pass?
My GF's account is flagged for both diablo 3 and MoP beta's and she has not paid for nearly as much game time as I have and she signed up for the annual pass on 11/18.

That is why I am worried.
Been annual pass holder sense last year and still no beta?
Do not worry, I still have not gotten mine either!
Thanks downloading mine now
I dont have mine.... i have AP... i'm sad
Signed up for AP 5 minutes after it was announced, still no invite.
I have yet to see the invite either and I've been signed up for the AP since late October, I think. I'm patient, mind you, as I'm working most on alts these days. But a chance to take the panderan for a test roll appeals to me greatly.

EDIT: I see that I am "in" in my account, just have not gotten the email yet. Patience, young padawan, patience.
I love you blizzard.
I love you.
04/19/2012 02:05 PMPosted by Zerosum
You folks took a lot of flak at the start of this process but the way the waves have gone out and to have everyone in at this stage of the beta is impressive.

I can agree with this. I was one of the more vocal critics of blizzard for the way this AP/Beta thing was originally communicated but that aside I didn't think they would be able to get everyone in this quickly and they deserve credit for stepping up to the plate and making it happen.
wait till it is all downloaded and over 400,000 people try to log on at the same time there will be problems.
How about fixing the broken progression quests before opening the flood gates? So now more people will be stuck on even more crowded servers. How does that help us test for you?
I joined the AP in october and still dont have beta access in my battle.net......
I knew I would be last fml
04/19/2012 02:17 PMPosted by Ragnarós
Are there plans to send beta invites to people who did not sign up for the Annual Pass?

I'd like to know this also.
Oh Bashiok, always with the even numbers!

Happy Hunting:D

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