400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

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03/29/2012 09:12 PMPosted by Bashiok
Annual Pass is a guaranteed entry, there is no consideration made beyond cumulative subscription time and when the Annual Pass was purchased.
pretty sure that includes how long you have been playing
ok, I was sent to this thread by Blizzard, because I still have not recieved my beta key. I signed up as a AP holder the first day it was open to do, yet like everyone else I have not got mine.. Now I am wondering what info am I suppose to put here as the email from my ticket said to do..

Thank you for contacting Blizzard Entertainment.

There was actually an issue that caused a few invites to be sent back. If you still have not recieved the invite check out and post your info on this thread http://us.battle.net/wow/en/forum/topic/4496520835

so please let me know what info that is, because I am not going to post my account info or any of that for the world to see..
WTT cookie for MoP Beta Invite for AP. :[ Pl0x?
No invite yet...psy ey ey
I really want to know why my account, along with many of those in this post had issues while the majority are already in beta. Was it cause I changed my email address? I havent missed a payment so it's not that....sigh.
soooo i signed up for AP a while back and still waiting for an invite after ALL invites have gone out
Something is going on...alot of us are getting extra SC2 PTR accounts i have 2 now apparently....
Yeah it would be nice if they'd give us an update, heads up, something.
still waiting.
my sentiments exactly dude

even if they said still working on problem or watever

at least we would know they actually care about there valued customers

Yeah precisely. Still working on it, fine, just check in and let us know what's up.
Even if it's nothing new.

Take league of legends, when they're doing a new patch they literally check in and give an update every 30 minutes saying what's going on.
I too have not received an invite. AP signed up second day, account active since Dec. '10.
Still no invite for me as well.

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