400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

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A response would be nice.
probably doesn't help that its probably early morning where the CM staff live... if I got the timezones right
i don't think anythings going to happen over the weekend, so don't get your hopes up till monday

likely won't see any blue posts till then either
Got mine but Can't log in. Having problem logging in to Beta.
04/19/2012 01:51 PMPosted by Bashiok
We’ve sent the remaining 400,000 Annual Pass beta invites last night, which concludes the entirety of those who have signed up for the offer thus far.

PLEASE tell me that you will be opening up another realm or 2.
this beta is messed up your inviting people who have done nothing in the real game instead of inviting the hardcore players.
That's awkward, I bought my pass like a week ago and I have my beta :S sorry guys
Still nothing, Blizz just made ppl sign up for the AP just to gain subs. this whole beta thing is a joke now, been waiting since they did this beta and they keep making excuses why ppl didnt get the invite that was promised...
Come on blizz.
Communicate with us.
Still waiting............ Damn Blizz it shouldn't take this long to send invites again. >_<
i got in :D
04/21/2012 05:33 AMPosted by Phypiax
That's awkward, I bought my pass like a week ago and I have my beta :S sorry guys

I'm glad you got your invite.

But, yeah. I've heard of this happening for other people, too. Kind of ridiculous. They should get the people who "bounced back" in first before they start inviting new annual pass holders.

It is kind of a "slap in the face" moment. :(
yea im one of those poor suckers that must have had mine bounce back coz i didnt get mine and a freind that singed up the same day did
I bought mine the day it was released with my friends as well, he got his invite so mine obviously bounced back. My question is are they going to notify when all the bounced invites have been sent out again? Or do I keep checking my battle.net every 5 mins :p

edit: Just wanted to add that my friend did have a fishing, (is that how im supposed to spell it?)attempt the day after he got beta. It was addressed from "Wowmopbeta" and the subject was "You have been invited to Join in the Mists of Pandaria beta!" So I would highly suggest to those of you who are anxiously checking your email for your invite, just go ahead and go straight to battle.net account page to find out so you don't fall into someones trap!
The main thing I've gleaned from this thread is how disappointed I am that a toon named after the lead singer of two of my favorite bands is such a whiner.

Oh, well. Back to SWTOR while I wait for my beta. And wait. And wait.

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