400,000 Annual Pass Invites Sent

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It stands to reason that the last wave would go out after the offer expires, and as it expires today I'm guessing it should be anytime now. Hopefully tomorrow.
woot woot so either today or tonight we will get beta?
yep kinda sucks bought my AP before the 18th and no Beta Invite. was hoping to get to play since I'm on vacation.
Still no invite after waiting for 6 days after last reply from support team and it was another 6 days before that when they said they are working on it and I should be getting it soon so nearly two weeks wait after last wave of invites and yet still nothing?

you wonder why they loose customers.
04/25/2012 02:09 PMPosted by Bashiok
We ran into a delay in flagging the remaining 'bounced' accounts who should have an invite. We're in the process of doing so today, though. We really appreciate everyone's patience.

Is this flagging problem the one that causes the MoP realm names to show in red, and the client to wedge displaying the word "Connected" after selecting one. If so, are there any estimates when this problem will be fixed.

I received the MoP Beta invite on 4/12, and still have not been able to log in: ever since then, I've been seeing the realm names in red.

Before you ask:

1. I've deleted WTF and Cache folders.
2. I've changed my password and battle cry.
3. I've scanned my system for viruses and other malware, and verified it's clean.
4. I've verified that the account in question (WoW3) shows as Mists of Pandaria Beta on the account page
5. I've verified that the realm list is correct, it does not include Anasterian (Cata Beta), instead it's got Lost Isles.Gilneas and a couple of others.

Any further ideas?
Still can't login as of may 1st due to login servers being perma busy. /sigh
wow even more laggy beta servers! meh oh well just play in the middle of the night!
*crosses fingers*
tomorrow tomorrow I love you tomorrow.
still nothing and I signed my AP contract during blizzcon 2011
You guys might have better luck posting in the stickied thread up top. It's probably going to get more traffic and reads, given its position as the most up to date thread on the topic. Best of luck!
I bought the annual pass 7 weeks ago and still no key >.> /frustrated
Nothin' for me either. /sigh
how do you get it
When is the next wave scheduled to come out. Ihope i get what I payed for
So it seems like Blizzard has blocked people from posting on the update thread

over 6 days and still no update and blocking people form posting about it in the update thread...yeah that seems about right
sigh... me and my friend signed up about 2 week ago for the annual pass. than just this weekend he tells me that he got into the mop meta. I don't get it. I signed about 3 days before him yet he got in before me? something seems wrong with this picture
Waiting and waiting and more waiting. I've gotten more fake MOP Invites than the real thing. -_-
OK - it has been almost a month since the invites were bounced back - and to date, I still have not received my invite to the beta -
What is going on?

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