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UPDATED!: We are currently seeking more Healers (Especially Shamans) and ALL kinds of Ranged DPS to BEGIN RBGs and Raids. If you're experienced in Roleplay, PvP, or Raids and wish to join or have ideas, do let us know.

<The Bloodied Ninth> is a level 9 RP/PvP guild devoted to realistically portraying the life of a soldier in the Ninth Legion of Lordaeron. This would include wearing uniform armor to match the Footman look of a guard, as well as reporting to a military type leadership. Members can climb the ranks in service to Commander Heimdel Sarious, Captain Liftrasa Coalheart, and their Lieutenant Aurawyn Sarious. Beneath the leadership lies Sergeant Beliand Rastanov and Sergeant Godric Mirthbane, tasked with finding soldiers of worth and glory to fill the ranks of their army.

Positions of power may rise up as time goes on and more ideas are brought to the table. All members are expected to gain a uniform that looks similar to the guard, as well as act appropriately in all situations. Events for Roleplay as well as WPvP will happen very often.

Any and all who wish to join the ranks of The Bloodied Ninth are welcome to pledge themselves to any Officer of the Legion. [Heimdel, Lifty, Aurawyn, Beliand, Mirthbane] A short meet will be agreed upon and the leadership shall determine if the soldier is worthy. Also, any guilds wishing to contact us with ideas for events or simply to encourage guild relationships, please do let us know. We're always open to new Alliances.

Glory to Lordaeron, and Glory to the Alliance!



Beliand holds the reins of her steed forcefully at the entrance of the Undercity sewers, as she looks from comrade to comrade beside her. They stand in few numbers, far too few to destroy the enemy, but enough for the task they had been sent upon. Beside her sat Sergeant Mirthbane in heavy silvered plate armor awaiting orders, his calm eyes meeting Beliand’s for only a moment. Next to him sat the elven maiden Khaleise, curiously listening to what lay down the tunnels, with a grimace formed heavily over her face. At the helm of the group sat Captain Lifty atop her warhorse, silently saying prayers to the light as she shuts her eyes. Finishing her mantra, Lifty pulls her horse forward and around to face her Legion. She speaks with strength in her voice, rousing the soldiers for victory.

“We march within with a great purpose, Soldiers! The Forsaken have sat idly in Lordaeron for far too long, devising evils to destroy this land and all others! These wretches simply cannot be allowed to succeed! Let us strike down their experiments and deliver a blow to this undead filth! Are ye with me, Legion?”

The Legion raises their weapons and shouts to the heavens, “We’re with you, Captain!”

Captain Lifty beats her plated glove against her chest twice before turning the horse and galloping with her soldiers. Quickly Beliand and Mirthbane match the speed of the Captain with Footman Khaleise right on their tail. They travel through the dark and dank corridors and through the sludge-slime of the polluted waters until they reach the end of the tunnel. Dim light breaks through the clearing for only a moment as a behemoth of an abomination blocks their progress. Beliand leaps forward with her sword to pierce it through the neck as Mirthbane very quickly dismembers a zombified arm reaching after the Captain. Combat lasts very shortly as the soldiers make quick work on the unholy creature, leaving it in a shamble of pieces. They remount their steeds and continue as fast as possible as alarm bells go off and mobs of Forsaken travel after them like rabid dogs.

The Legion reaches their destination in the Apothecary, and look to Lifty for the order to purge everything. The Captain meets their eyes and gives a purposeful nod sending the soldiers into combat. Beliand throws herself off her horse and into a patch of scientists and undead warriors alike, swinging her sword in an almost dancelike method. Mirthbane attracts the largest of the warriors, taking them out with ease as the Captain and Khaleise travel behind healing those when wounds occur. An arrow fires toward Khaleise, but barely misses it’s target as she vaults to the side and emerges from a mist as a panther to claw the face from the undead. Just as the room seems to be piling up with corpses, more and more Forsaken tunnel through the corridors until retreat is the only option. Beliand snatches a random blueprint and takes off with the rest of her Legion.
Hail Soldier! Welcome to the Legion! *Salutes*

We are still seeking worthy citizens to combat the merciless Horde! Join our cause!
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