simple request from a blacksmith

please make blacksmith's rod's stack in their bags.. Its almost impossible for me to stay in the businesss of creating these rods because they take up my entire bag space.. pretty much i have one character dedicated to holding jsut these rods because of this.. its totally unfair compared to jewelcrafting or inscription professsions..

please, be fair blizzard.. alot of people play this game, theres alot of blacksmiths out there. make our lives easier ok?

make the damn rods stack. and make blacksmithing items able to be put in the damn mining bags, or make us a new profession bag. u guys made this game, u have a folllowing, all im asking is make it make sense ffs!!!!!!!!!
Do you really sell more than say 2 of every rod on a daily basis to warrant having a dedicated toon for holding your inventory? Make them as you need them...

What would a blacksmith need a special bag for, really... The skill by definition is for making weapons and armor.

But don't get me wrong, I don't see a reason why rods shouldn't be able to stack, maybe someone else may have a reasonable explanation as to why Blizzard hasn't made them stackable. Other than there really isn't a high demand for them, so no reason really to be sitting on 10-20 of each rod.
I thought you were gonna say, bring back specializations. Man that is my wish!!
Space is never an issue for non-Soulbound items.

When selling rods, I typically have 2 of each one on the AH at any one time, because even that many is optimistic to sell in one day. If they don't sell, they come back into my mailbox where they stay. When I need to list more, then I take them out of the mailbox. I only make new ones if I have less than 2 on the AH and in my mailbox combined. So very little impact on my bag space at all.
As others have mentioned, two of each is plenty to make at once unless you're leveling blacksmithing.

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