If I don't find Loque'nahak soon..

I may cry.
:( Sorry you're not having much luck. I stumbled upon him completely by accident when I got him. I wasn't even looking for him, didn't even know he was that rare. Just saw a cool looking cat and decided to tame him. Yes, I was a noob back then.

On the other hand, I can't find Arcturis to save my life. I tried for months and gave up.
Just go there every 3 hours and you will eventually find him.
I found my Loque (and King Krush) while farming saronite on my DK. Finally got fed up with trying to get Arcturis and Skoll by random chance, so I ended up camping each of them until they spawned.

Best of luck!
Arihulia - I actually caught Arcturis yesterday! Around 7pm or so. You can imagine how excited I was. :P

Duergar - Yeah I was looking for Skoll too, I'm trying to get them all. Got Arcturis yesterday. Thanks for the good luck wish!

Btw, I just found him.. but a rogue got there before me and what I actually found was his corpse.. :( Makes me so sad. I'll keep trying, though!
Keep at it you'll get it. =)
I hope so :(
Don't worry Clyra, you'll get the cat. I spent a whole week trying to get him. On Tuesday I had got him just before the servers went.
So there is hope! :)
Clyra, what you could do is spend a few hours leveling your Herbalism until you hit the Northrend part of it then just farm the Sholazar herbs (put them in the AH) until you get the tame. Do the same thing for Skoll. The worst part of trying to get the tame is waiting for the spawn.

You could also make one of these (http://youtu.be/QWvYRR5x_uw), turn your speakers WAY up so you could hear NPC Scan, and plop your character down at one of his spawns while you go to sleep.
so outta curiosity are the spirit beasts a noticeable dps increase over a chimera or core hound or should i jsut try for em cuz they look ba?
The only problem is there are always, and I mean always at least 3 other hunters in Sholazar Basin.

I believe the dps isn't a great increase, if much at all. I just love how amazing they look, personally.
ya imma still try i was just curious ty
My Loque is named "Daythirtysix" for a reason.

I spent 36 days, at least three hours a day camping for him before I got him.
God, need 2 more loque spawns and 1 more king krush spawn to complete my two "Stampede" teams. <3
If that doesn't give inspiration for some rare spawn camping, I don't know what will.
There is only one issue with loque, it's the fact that killing him is part of the frostbitten achievement.
Good luck! You'll get him!
Update: I just tamed him! I finished a dungeon, teleported out of it and npc scan was like "Found Loque'nahak"! I thought it was a pet of another hunter, but I did /who and I was the only hunter. When I saw it on the ground I flipped out I nearly screamed. :P

Took me like a week of camping, but it was so worth it <3_<3
i farmed him for 48 hours straight after i got laid off in january 09. I know the day i got him because it was the day after i got the northern exposure from killing king krush the day before. There was also a lot of competition back then too. Especially with all the mineral farmers there.

2 weeks later me and my buddies all quit wow for a while because we were tired of waiting for the new ulduar raid. We didn't come back until late ICC after all the bosses were unlocked.
Congrats on finding him then!! I actually went to Sholozar last Saturday and luckily he was already there :3

I had to camp a for an hour for Arcturis. I camped three days for Skoll and two days for Karoma.

Now the only pet I want to tame is Magria. Well, that's the only pet I can tame now lol. I only have one more pet stable slot XD

Good luck to all of those camping their dream pet.

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