Rate the warrior name above you

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I guess I'm starting things off.
7/10, not quite menacing enough for my tastes.
My name = (slovak) little guy

I'm serbian, so I approve.
7/10 It's okay.
I don't like boxxy.
so my name gets a 10/10 for originality? relation to race and fierceness!? lolz
Sawni. Means Echo.
7/10 = sawni

dontt even know where it comes from
6/10 little guy!
Grrr, im not sure waht fust is its ok :)
Is nat short for "natural" or did you forget to put a "G" in front of it?
6/10 Does your name have any meaning?
I give it 9 for appropriateness, but -1 for being a "nickname" of sorts and -1 for being a slightly unoriginal metaphor.

I'm unable to tell whether your name is a reference the Dragon Ball Z character Brolly, or something/someone else. In any case, acronyms aren't really my cup of tea in a character name. 5/10.
6/10 Mr cow. Just not very original :(

I like to think that you are referring to the wonderfully horrid 90's show with Lorenzo Lamas.
8/10, nicely done "A Game of Thrones" reference, -2 for the use of a symbol.

Name: Thwaite
Definition: a piece of land cleared from forest or reclaimed from wasteland
Origin: Old Norse
6/10 you look like a fish

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