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Interesting spelling on it.

Interesting spelling on it.


Perfect for an Orc Warrior. 8/10

but when i first read it i thought it said "Themgoths" and was all O_o
9/10 it's very troll-like name. Though I can't quite tell what tribe it might be from. Zul Farrak maybe?
8.5 for you Jacquio.

Looks very menacing especially you seems to color your armor from the bloods of the victims you slew. Plus, you're probably a stealth enforcer from some cartel or something, protectin the boss from the shadows.

It seems that Worgen look extremely better and badass with wearing either tophats, bandannas, eyepatches, googles, facemasks and a non-face covering helms.
Mugetsu "Moonless Night" is decent but Theokoles "Shadow of Death" is boss.
Theokoles: feels very greek to me. less soldier, more Argonaut... not sharing the field of battle with Achilles, but on deck at sea with Jason in search of the Golden Fleece.

solid 8/10.
Rickotron: I'm not sure how I feel about it, sounds like a robot kind of name. By the way grata on Heroic Will of the Emperor.


P.S. Tell Lore I say Hi
Guess you disclose by killing others in your rampage. Anyways, simple and nice, although you look like an evil panda who just risen from Hell.


BTW, that whole armor set from raid you transmogged into is one of my favorites overall.
Moonless sky? I like it especially with that guild name, seems to fit the whole dark lonely exile thing. The armor adds some appeal as well so 9/10 I'd say.
Can't say it's particularly appealing, but it's unique. 8/10
Kind of funny! lol
Not a fan of accented letters but it looks decent :P, 5/10.
Actually really like that name. (:

Brijinn is based to fit her RP. And I'm a girly girl in real life, so Bri works with my girlyness, lol. :p
7/10 -3 because it sounds like a troll name.
6.7/10, sounds like a spider boss.
What upp denn
04/18/2012 06:38 PMPosted by Snugglekins
7/10, not quite menacing enough for my tastes.

10/10 for giving someone a false sense of hope that you may be an easy HK

04/21/2012 03:52 PMPosted by Jahosaphat
6/10 you look like a fish

9/10 for reminding me of a Bugs Bunny cartoon

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