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Kind of an obscure reference, and mostly just makes me think of a surprised person. "Jumping Jehosaphat, that X is Y!"
8/10 Nice name for a tank. Adamant. Won't budge. Not bad.

*flexes in badass orc pose*
Sounds kinda manly, good fit for a forc. 8/10
8/10 Its udderly nice.
Too middle of the road. 5/10
Sounds sorta Warrior-ey, but it lacks flow.

10/10 great name!
u have a nice face
My name is an anagram for the word randomize
Earzon sounds like a Draenei name, but the -mido part at the end throws off the flow, IMO. The fact that it's an anagram wins some points, but it's too clunky to me.


EDIT: And no, this toon isn't named after Taelan Fordring, in case you're wondering. I never actually got a chance to do that quest.

can't say I know much about Deus Ex
7/10 I dont know what Granberia is...
6/10. Alejandro confuses me, but that's not saying much...
^ 8/10 its a very humble name :P
8/10 nice name for a female warrior.
8/10 because you're an Orc. If you were a dwarf the name would fit.
7/10, Pretty fitting for an orc, but keeps making me think of Wayne Gretzky lol


Everyone who enjoys fighting games knows where my name comes from, that's right, the crazy !@#$% with the glowing pink eye that wrecks everyone ;)
7/10. Mixed feelings about Streetfighter. And in my head I say "Yuri."

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