character running forwards by itself

Bug Report
I've been having this problem happen much to frequently and when it happens it can really screw a fight up. i'll just be doing what I always do and my character will randomly start turning in a clockwise or counterclockwise roation and I can't stop it unless I press like a & d keyboard keys at the same time. not only this but my character will run forwards by himself and the only way to stop it is like press w and s at the same time I have been playing for years and this has only been happening for the past half a year or so approx. THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED ITS EVEN WORSE FOR MELEE CLASSES WHEN IT HAPPENS TO THEM.
I haven't seen this myself.

But honestly it sounds like it could be a faulty keyboard (or perhaps mouse) issue. The keyboard on this computer, for instance, often inserts a ± symbol when I press shift. I'd fix it if this was my gaming computer, but didn't see the problem until I switched keyboards -- no software changes present, so I'm positive it's just an oddity of the keyboard.

Is there any possibility your keyboard could be at fault here?

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