Oh, Zarhym...

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Funny, you're Alliance.
Roll Horde if you're bitter and feel like you aren't treated in a way you'd like.

I hope Zar bans you.
Oh, by the way, you misused "arrogant"... that would be YOUR post, completely and utterly.

I would call Zarhym's posts more "exasperated". Which he has every right to be, and frankly does a MUCH better job of reigning it in than I would in that situation.

Just sayin'.
04/19/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Caprïca
Have you ever considered simply going away?

04/19/2012 12:12 PMPosted by Caprïca
you are part of the problem.
It doesn't matter. He's just not one of the constructive CMs. They had to hire someone to be the troll's leader, didn't they?
04/19/2012 12:19 PMPosted by Ajiko
Get. A. Grip. Don't like the way Zar responds to people? Take a long hard look in the mirror and realize it is people like you that force community managers to tell it like it is because all you people want to do is spread hate and vitriol. Go away. Please just go away.

Sadly, people like the OP will always hold dear the chant of "I'm always right and everyone else is wrong". You just can't win against stupid whose only purpose in life, practically, is to instigate hate, rage, and contention between others.
While I don't necessarily always agree with Zarhym, that doesn't mean you should make a topic flaming him. He is a person too and is entitled to his own opinions. If you make a topic flaming everyone who disagrees with you on the board, you are going to need a lot of topics.
I don't find his post rude or snarky at all. He is being honest. To the OP, get some thicker skin.
To provide feedback on the forum moderation team e-mail WoWCMFeedback@blizzard.com

Now I would recommend being a little more specific than your canned vitriol you spit out in your OP.
Zarhym is fighting the good fight against forum QQers.

I hope he keeps it coming.
OP: Stop reading things out of context as you can't put feelings into written words unless there are obvious signs, like your post for example, that shows you're upset. I guess blues will haev to start putting dumb emoticons and "lol" after every sentence to keep people like the OP from reading out of context.

His reply to alliance favortism was professional. However, if you have it in your thick skull already that he is wrong and you're just ticked off, you will read it as snarky or condensending.

Not agreeing with a poster doesn't make them a troll.

Stop with the: This person needs to leave or this person needs to get fired BS already. Someone asked for Metzens head today already over Horde favortism and now this post. Jeeeesh, you people are crazy to think just because you may not agree with someone doesn't mean they need their lives altered to satisfy your personal feelings. Get a life!
All i see is more whiny alliance !@#$ers
Pretty sure we can't call people out on the forums like this..

04/19/2012 12:24 PMPosted by Çhen
All i see is more whiny alliance !@#$ers
Blizzard admits it has been horde heavy in cata. Gonna blow up Theramore to make up for it.. wai..
I find your post about Zarhym 100% false.
I have read a great many of the post that Zarhym has posted and none of them support your your point of view.
do I agree with everything he post? no, hell sometime i strongly disagree but that does not make him a troll.
I don't agree with the OP
So I just went back and had my own little retrospective of Zarhym's posts.

Yep, he can be irreverent and challenging to us mortals, but I mostly found his input interesting and refreshing.

On the topic of Horde favoritism: It would seem artificial and cheaply contrived to me if their was perfect H/A balance. I'm glad there isn't.
You should appreciate that he is at least responding to the million complaints so many alliance seem to find with every aspect of the game, rather than completely ignoring them.

I don't think people like you would be satisfied with anything someone had to say, because you are convinced that you're the only one that is correct.
04/19/2012 12:16 PMPosted by Cancionanxo
Wow Caprica you're dumb go away.
Hey if you had to deal with all the babies crying about lfr loot day in and day out you might start getting a little jaded too. Not saying Z is, but dealing with some of the nonsense on these forums could make any person a little more abrasive. The most I have percieved as negative from Z, is when someone decides to start twisting his words from a post, or quoting out of context. Do you have a specific example that you could link that would make your case? I personally have not gotten the same impression that you have, but I may not have seen the types of posts that made you comment as such.

Again not saying your full of bs, I just have not seen evidence to support your accusation.

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