How are paladins in PvP atm?

I need some opinions as i might make a paladin alt.
No need to bump a thread that was only up for fifteen minutes. Anyways, we're in a good spot right now if you're talking about ret and holy.
I'm playing Beta at the moment and Ret is very good. High burst dps and constant access to healing.

That being said, lvl 90 hasn't been unleashed therefore I can't test the balance there.
Ret is overall pretty good right now. We're not as strong as rogues, but we're still good.
I would say we're at a good place right now. I myself pvp as prot. I know alot of people would say prot isn't right for pvp but honestly I get into the top 3 of dps almost all the time and if I'm not its usually because I'm defending a flag. As prot you can hold off atleast 5 people from a flag for a decent amount of time. And the aoe damage is awesome for preventing caps. As a FC your pretty hard to take down and if your not the FC you can offer tons of support to the FC with freedom, cleanse, heals, hand of sacrafice and divine guardian. Also as prot your great for pressuring enemy heals. You may not be able to take em down alone but you can do enough damage and silences to where they have to decide on healing themselves or a team member. And the same support you can provide for a FC you can provide for your healer. Just set a focus on em and keep em alive. But you have to be setup right. Professions make a big difference. I have BS and JC for the extra slots and more powerful gems. Now I haven't been able to really do rbgs. I'm on a pve server and its hard finding a group but for regular pvp prot pally is a force to be reckoned with.
As far as Ret goes, which I have very little experience, we seem to be in a pretty good place. Holy, yes we are good, great even.

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