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Bleeding Hollow
Just as the guild name implies.... World PVP is a guild with a focus on sticking it to the alliance any time they want to travel outside of Stormwind.

Our mainstay might be PVP oriented, however we will not exclude PVE content but due to new expansion on the horizon it is not a primary focus in the next few months pre-mop.

We do not have an open door policy for guild invites... We are NOT elitist.... It's about mentality more so than capabilities and those that get it get it and those that don't never will.

In Game Mail is the best way to get ahold of me. Best Regards. -ICL
if your serious about this i will join and help build the guild as much as i can. im new to the server i decided to start all over again (have 5 85s) and all i do is pvp anyway
K ill get with you in game tonight around seven or any time after (server time)
sounds good
Swing and a miss..... try to get with me through In Game Mail.
Okay Iron Wolf Clan [renamed], will be looking for you and your strength socketed healers in Storm Wind!
LoL good luck this server is dominated by alliance we keep destroying your ogrimmar good luck!
Ty pure and may many nights of bloodsheed be in your future.....

Axlefolley i stand slightly apart from IWC and with pain in my heart because of it.....
Finally we have been waiting for the horde to show a bit of resistance when we attack their city plz tell us when u are trying to attack stormwind so we can send 5 people to counter it thanks!
Thats funny pure... You can find out by keeping a watch on your World Defence chat.
I saw it once in the last week and There wer 3 of u guys real nice effort to attack Stormwind
Still looking for players btw.
I don't think people are going to take you seriously. Mostly because you only have 1 arena/RBG achievement on the toon that's GLeader and it's only 1550. Most people like their GLeaders to have a lot more experience.
04/23/2012 07:22 PMPosted by Bkx
I don't think people are going to take you seriously. Mostly because you only have 1 arena/RBG achievement on the toon that's GLeader and it's only 1550. Most people like their GLeaders to have a lot more experience.

If ppl are intrested in what im trying to do then they would alrdy know I am very serious.
More Details:

What we are looking to do is find players who have a strong intrest in Arenas & RBG. Our goal is to assemble a 5man Arena Comp #1 and 5man Arena Comp #2 merge the two arena teams to form our 10m RBG Team.

Understanding that 5m Arenas are much more difficult to be successful, it is viewed as "great practice for getting a working synergy with others in unforgiving circumstances" with that being said if you can start to excell in a 5m Arena format then transition into RBG will actully become more like pve healing when there is 10 of us. However if your the heals for a 5m Arena Comp and the DPS are on a good synergy for their CC then when we roll into RBG you should have no trouble with the objective in front of you because you have been practicing under more "dire" circumstances.

Also noted the 5man comps will break down into the 3man bracket for practice with skillsets. You can do what ever you would like for 2s but 3s & 5s would be mandatory for the progress of our over goal of RBG Ratings.
well for one ill join u can catch me on anytime of night server time ill leave my old guild to join ya :) and btw alliance she aint in IWC lol ur fail for thinking it even if she was before people do change guilds or make new ones as in this case.....any like to put this out there to you alliance talking trash about org sry but raiding our city at 5am while people aint online is so very brave of u lololol every other time u r stopped within 2min of getting inside oh and btw how'd u like ur king dying tonight omg that was good 50 of u came and ran or died trying to run so sad
Well swift if you are interested you would be the second and last rogue we are accepting so send me in game mail or real id me danielmcgowan1979@yahoo

As of now the guild has one 3man RMP Arena Team (and our alts)

We are looking to expand the Arena Team into 5s in the next few weeks (we want to get our 3s to 1800 or so before others will take us seriously)

Are ideal 5man comp:
??? We are not real sure about the last man yet.
I'm really sry swift... After Armory your rogue and seeing how you just dingd 85 we would not be able to accept you. Part because you just dingd 85 & part because we are looking for players with almost full cata season gear for immediate work in arenas.

(But get with me anyways and we can see what's going on with your gear and skillet as a rogue in arenas for the second arena 5man team.)
np at all i know my gear is lacking but like u said i just hit 85 :P

2 of each class is our target goal for our roster breaking down into four 5m arena teams.
390/403 gear please be close to full cata this late in the season.

Our fist 5m team is getting real close to full. We are looking for the second 5m arena team as of now.

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