New to warlock pvp

Do I use demon armor or fel armor or is it situational?
04/20/2012 04:16 PMPosted by Sixtynineqt
situational.. if your being trained hard u need to swap demon for more heals on u.. if you are not focused/being trained hard use fel armor


I tend to play conservatively so I default to Demon Armor and switch when I need the additional fire power. It's easy to do with a /castsequence macro.
Exactly what Sixitynineqt said, If you got a boomy or mage priest or lock on you, quickly go to Fel armor use Nether Ward, (Only if you are Destruction) then go back to Demon armor untill you can get some line of sight or you are topped off by your healer, if you are affliction though just do the same but stay in Demon armor untill you are in the clear.

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