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This could be a replacement for a hunter tree are and extra one like how druid have 4class they can play.
But I was mainly hoping for Goblins/Gnome to have this tree cause they do play the roll of a mercenary bad !@# in some ways, like on quest for Steamwheedle Cartel Rep
War at Sea Southsea and Wastewander Fusion Core. From the start of the a lv1 Gnome u get the quest called pinned down and when u look around you see then using guns but u cant make a Gnome Hunter. I am not picking I am just saying it would be nice to have a tree like this and a too that can use some sort of Gun.

I am asking for the support of the wow community on this one. Sure it could use a lot of tweeting, fixing and testing. But its better than nothing. Fore The Horde/ Glory To The Alliance(Run And Hide lol)

Target Lock- increase your critical strike chance of your (death shot, supreme bullet, last bullet by 5(0/4)
Game Over- increase your reload seed by 5 second (0/2)
Medical Support- heal your self for (10%/50) of your total health over 5 second(0/5)

Stand Alone- increase your chance to critical your target by 10% (with last bullet)when your health is below 40%(0/3)

Revenge- in decrease the target armor by 5% for 20 second (0/2)
Scatter Shot- your scatter shot do 1568 damage and stun, all target in the area for 3 second (0/3)
Silent Grenade- your silent grenade deal 1568 bleeding damage and silent all target in the area for 3 second (0/3)

Death Shot- your death shot have 20% chance to finish off a target with 20% health and below (0/2)
Cripple Shot- shot all target in the spine and cripple them for 60second. Any dam done to the targets will enrage them for 3second
In My Scope - a 5 second shot that deal 300% weapon damage to a single target(0/1)

Land Mine - cover an area with land mines do 5600 damage and slow enemy for 25% of their movement speed (0/2)
Supreme Bullet - do an additional 75% damage to any enemy that had in my scope on them(0/2)
One Shot- deal 3975 damage and cause the all party and raid member to gain 5% to all states for 6 second (0/3)

Master Of War - make your one shot, supreme bullet, last bullet, and stand alone to have 50% chance to have no cool down (0/2)
Gun Bound - gain 3% expertise, allow u to shoot while moving for 12 second (0/2)
Never Loose Hope- while 5 are less raid member, are 3 r less party members is still alive. The party are raid members gain 2 % to all states for 30second(0/1)
Last bullet- increase your damage by 10% to all targets for 20 second (0/1)

Happy Trails- give you 50% chance to de-enrage all target in an area for 3 second but reduce all cool down for 4 second (0/2)
Dead Man- strap a random sticky grenade to the target that do 20134 instant damage and 15672 bleeding damage over 8 second. 5min cool down(0/3)

God Speed- summon 3 mercenary to your side for 7min. One rocket launcher that deal 10435 to all targets in the area and place 3% armor de-buff on all targets, one sniper that do 8362 damage to a single target and have 75% critical kill a target, and one chain gun user that do 6387damage to all targets in the area and stack up 10 times.

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