9 pm All Nighter full (8/8 HM DS25)

[A] All Nighter(GL 25) raids 3 hours a night, 3 days a week at:

Tues/Thurs/Sun, 9 pm to 12 midnight (server time, PST)

We are currently full.

The most successful candidate is self-aware and well-researched. We expect your gear to be hit capped, reforged correctly, and enchanted before you apply at http://allnighter.guildzilla.com. We have a preference for raiders age 21 or older who are looking for a long term guild. Most current raiders are in their 20s, 30s, and 40s.

We offer a non-yelling raiding environment with free guild repairs, flasks, and potions (go go pre-potting!). Looting is by EPGP. Optional alt/achievement runs are on Wednesdays and Fridays.
Bump for Panda!
We've had a couple of people who can't raid atm so we have a couple of openings!
Grats to everyone on the HM Warlord Blackhorn kill last week! That brings us to 6/8 HM in DS 25!
Ah, Darn 21 years olds!
We've had some great players that were under 21 but on a whole, we've had better attendance from those 21 and over.
full on magi??
Yes, we're full on mages atm (we have 4 raiding mages).
We could probably use one more heals with a dps offspec.
Our tank had a work schedule change so our holy pally is going to tank! We're now looking for a holy pally to fill his spot!
Still looking for a holy pally!
We're still clearing 6/8 HM every week but just taking a couple of F/F until we get full-time raiders.
Hmm, we have someone switching to heals for Panda so instead, we'd like to recruit a warlock!
We have a couple of apps that are hopefully going to trial with us. We'd still like one more rogue though (we have only one leveling for MoP). Currently, both our rogues have their legendaries so come work on yours!
We probably could use another rogue and ret pally for MoP.
Grats on the 25 man HM Spine kill! It helps SO much to have a full raid.
Grats on the HM Madness kill! 8/8 HM (25 man)!!!
5/8HM Exp H/S Priest. Interested in your raiding group. Also have a 399 Prot Pally.

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