[A] Hard Taco Supremes looking for DPS!

<Hard Taco Supremes> is looking for a few good raiders to continue our 10-man progression!! Every qualified applicant is encouraged to apply, but we more specifically need the following:

1 - 2 DPS: caster and melee (no paladin)
1 tank with DPS offspec (no paladin)

We'd prefer our applicant to have experience in at least the last expansion for raiding. Previous raid experience in earlier expansions are great! We finished Cataclysm with 8/8 H Dragon Soul and finished 8/8H in Firelands.

Raid times: Tues & Thurs 7:30PM - 10:30PM Pacific/Server time
We sometimes will do Sunday and/or Monday night mop-ups if needed also.

About Us:
Hard Taco Supremes is a semi-casual guild and raid 2 (max 3) days a week. We are a small guild that transferred here in 2011 from Horde on Kilrogg. Many of us have raided with each other since Vanilla and picked up others along the way and stayed together. We are laid back, enjoy each other's company but we do take our raids seriously.

We have had several core members leave the game for a period due to IRL issues and so we're recruiting to fill up the roster so we can finish out cata and prepare for MOP. Come join us!

Loot is done by loot council and is very fair. Everyone gets LOTS of gear.

Visit http://hardtaco-guild.com/index.php for more information
Whisper Alowene or Discoinferno for more information.
Ello Ama!
Bump for an awesome group of people!

<3 Dim!
Still in need of ranged DPS!
Got Heroic Spine! Still looking for a great ranged dps and possibly a rogue.
Still looking for R-DPS!
Got Heroic Deathwing tonight, still could use 1 solid ranged DPS.
Grats on your kill.
We'd still like to find an outstanding ranged DPS (shadow priest would be great) and we're also looking for a solid tank with a DPS spec. We'd be open to really any class, but DK would be ideal.
We'd still like another DPS and potential tank/DPS.
Still looking for DPS and a tank!
ranged or melee dps?
Would like 1 tank and 1 dps still! (ranged or melee)
Stilling looking for another tank (Prot Warrior, Paladin or Guardian Druid) perf and another ranged dps.

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