Account Management Broken.

Website Bug Report
There's a post over in the Customer Service Forum, however, I'm choosing to make one here for people to post in.

The account management site is apparently broken. It gives a simple "There has been an error." message at the index page. A number of players would like to know whats wrong.

Thank you!
Or this:
This is mostly being caused due to an increasing number of people attempting to access the site for open beta for Diablo III.

We are aware of the issues with Account Management and it is currently being looked into.
Thank you Vrakthris!!
What is most likely is is that the last 400000 people who have AP pass download their client or are trying to plus the overload of 9.4 million players downloading D3 open beta PLUS all those downloading game clients and such melding together and causing like that of a nuclear meltdown on the site hence why you really cant log in. I myself am trying to log in to redeem a loot card code but cant so eh

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