Level 70 rogue lf 1600+ rbg team.

Hello I am looking for a realid rbg team. (I just xfer'd so I couldn't if I wanted to...)

I have springs / can play at a 2k level (that's top 10 on Ruin) / am very knowledgeable of my rogue, mechanics, and don't fight in the middle of roads. Helped in 2x GM grinds, and R8 for my hunter in vanilla, and started another couple r14 grinds on *cough* vanilla, more recently.

I am available any time given a reasonable notice, with skype/vent/mumble and a new mic.

I do not mind being a sub for one of your rogues, I just want my title.
I quit about a year ago after carrying my ex girlfriend through her first arenas on her first druid, so I never got to RBG with the guys grinding their r10+ titles..Post here and I'll contact you in-game soon! <3
updated and still homeless and even darkspear ignored me !!!
le sigh
cross posted on other sites in hopes of even being a sub for a sub of someones terrible 1400 rating rogue
so my guild won't even do rbgs

and now the atr is up

im going to cry plz recruit me
Try posting in the 70's thread.
i whine about it every couple pages ^
o ty
04/25/2012 07:17 PMPosted by Hella
very good rogue here
04/30/2012 12:56 AMPosted by Disappear
o ty

rude poster
sup airwaves
you might not want to add that last part on the official forums

also wat?
you might not want to add that last part on the official forums

also wat?

is it wrong for me to say hi
i made a thread for you
my sub ends this month

will resub for a couple more if i can get even a biweekly 2 games and disband rbg team ...
Hey I'm looking for a good sub rogue for my Rbg team, Find me in game on Perenolde alliance my toons name is Leetskills our Cr is 1797
They trade, Tom :/

Also Leet, I don't think he renewed his sub.

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