Druids CAN'T be main tanks! You NEED a shield

That's what one of my raid partners is protesting, really aggressively. I've been gearing this feral up very diligently for months now and I'm doing my damnedest to make him perfect, so all this pressure basically telling me that I'm not as good as a shield wearing tank feels like he's telling me that I'll never be good enough.

Our guild uses myself as MT and a blood dk as a OT. We're going into heroic ds. This guy is almost harassing me with whispers about how there's NO WAY this tank combination will work because one of the tanks NEEDS a shield. We just don't have a BLOCK and therefore will fail miserably on heroic modes and even if we do get through we make healers mana die quickly. He's also going on how our tier bonuses (4 piece set) isn't as good as others. Either we can drop the feral (me) or the DK and replace one of us with a paladin (which he happens to be gearing to tank).

Please, for the love of thrall, give me 20,000 reasons why this makes NO SENSE so I can give them all to him and tell him to shut it! I've scanned the forums and have found a FEW things but would really love to have some updated information. If there is any way i could get hold of real theorycrafting, statistics, or combat logs, throw anything you have at me. I need concrete information!
For one I think that bears make the best main tanks just because you should never underestimate how good dodging is. I've seen bears single tank encounters parts of an encounter meant for two tanks just because their dodge streaks neglected the need for a second tank to allow them to drop a debuff. We got more than a handful of first kills that way back before our bear had to leave.

Also just because you lack a block doesn't make you squishier. Sure, you can never ctc cap like warriors and paladins, but you have a much higher likelihood to completely negate attacks.

That said you would probably be better off-tanking to your DK not because you can't main tank but because you are a much better OT with your offensive capabilities if you bearcat correctly.

Oh and bear's 4-pc is just amazing.

....and finally, it ridiculous to worry about class capabilities with a 15% nerf. At this point for pretty much every encounter it is much more dependent on how you handle things than whether or not you have an ideal comp.
Did we just go back in time to 2007 or thereabouts? Also, this:
04/21/2012 03:16 AMPosted by Demonboom
Either we can drop the feral (me) or the DK and replace one of us with a paladin (which he happens to be gearing to tank).

makes me think he's just angling to take over your tank spot.
We have a shield, it's called "savage defense", has the same effect more or less that block has.
lol @ your retarded guildie.. druids and DKs are the best tanks right now, although warriors and paladins arent that far behind.

Druid don't need a shield, they have savage defense which is just as good as a block, and tons more armor to compensate as well, plus they have a higher avoidance and health... sounds better than blocking to me. Druids also take the least amount of magical damage from any tank.

DKs have advantages on several fights thanks to antimagic shell, deathstrike shields can go up to 100k i hear, plus they heal themselves beefily, on top of having more armor once again...

Honestly, other tanks dont have shields, but they have absorb bubble mechanics that mimic shield block pretty well.
Honestly so far this tier Druids and Blood DKs are the best tanks you'll be able to find especially on something like spine a druid can tank bloods all day long with SD up you barely take any damage :P
Druid tanks are incredibly op I think compared to other tanks. I dont know where people get the feral tanks are bad stuff. I dont see a lot of feral tanks, but omg when I do they seem to take less damage and survive more things than the plate tanks /boggle
If your guild wants to replace a bear tank with a paladin tank in the games current state its time to find a new guild cause they don't have a clue of whats going on.

Of all the tanks paladins are probably the worst to use right now, they have nothing unique to them (you could argue BoP, Sacrifice, LoH or WoG are good but any pally can bring them) as all tanks having a raid wall, and their mastery is useless after CTC.

Also about our 4 set not being as good as others....it's far better. Other tanks don't get the option of using their 4piece unglyphed for a raid wide heal (basically making it a bear form tranquility on a 3min CD) or glyphing it giving the raid 30% increased healing for 20sec.
that guy is dumb . i MT all the time . we dont need shield, we dodge like a skinny geek playin dodge ball lol.
Savage defense gives us absorption that procs alot.
our stamina boost is helpful.
we don't really take the dmg much as we avoid but when we do take damage savage defense and a few others absorb most of it. so the healers are running out mana to fast that means
A. group is not doing something right with mechanics.
B.dps are standing in place that they don't need to be in
c.your healers mana regen or mana at all
now on to our dks and druids 4 peice bonus. they work well together. blood pops his 50% more healing to grp. druid pops his healz the whole grp for 20% now with blood bonus i now heal the grp 30%. (im not really good at grammar so forgive me)
Tell your guildie to be useful and make his pally holy....
Oh my, I thought we just time travelled back to 2005.
He should probably speak to the raid leader instead of annoying you.
That's funny, because ferals are probably the best tank. Matched with a Blood DK or prot pally, and you are in for a very smooth run.
This guy is an idiot. MT away.
I hope your guildie is harrassing the DK too because they don't use shields either.
Why block with a shield when you can block with your face?
Feels like Burning Crusade forums, with prettier pictures.

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