Rate the xmog of your Warrior Brothers

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Whats up my fellow beards.. I came up with this xmog, thought it was different and looked aight.. Just wonderin what my brothers in arms think.. - May your axe arm stay strong !
Its certainly an interesting contrast, but I'm not really into about 80% of the pvp gear's style. Still looks ruff n tuff in any case.
@Bluepain -
Looks great! Gray, gold, and white look great together. 8/10 at least
Mine is pretty traditional, but I use the Marshal's set for PvP and the Commander's set for PvE gear.
Came up with this combination today. :)

Stupid armory pose doesn't showcase how awesome it really is.

The blues, while being blue, are all of a different hue and shade, and thus don't match, and that's not even getting into the other colours. Points for effort though.
It all matches well - just seen the set so much so not a fan personally.

8/10 Love that set, especially with that belt.

Only problem I see is the green sword against the red, maroon, and blackish theme you've got.
8/10 Looks pretty cool. :D
Rate meh! D;
I have that set but there should be better shoulders ^ 7/10 I guess.
5/10 too new still sorry
Was this thread really necessary?
Could you not have posted this in one of the four other xmog threads already on the first page here?
10/10 Completely matching mog

I still need my 397 hel >_>
posting again cuz taluka didnt rate
8/10 it matches i just hate green :)
I do love my mace.

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