Rate the xmog of your Warrior Brothers

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the fact that not alot of me is showing, i think gives the impression that i may be a mindless killing machine who can't be reasoned with. furthermore you do pull off that look nicely 8/10
@ Earzonmido
I like your set, the helmet is my favorite part. 7/10

That looks pretty cool, i like the minimalist style but it's still dark and dangerous. 8/10
Looks like they made a new class. Light Knight! Id look for some different shoulders though. those dont really go with the whole white. and possibly boots. other than that 7/10.
6/10 i like the look in general though id go sans tabard bluepain.
04/22/2012 07:35 AMPosted by Danissana
6/10 i like the look in general though id go sans tabard bluepain.

7.5/10 seems a little plain but overall good

Edit:iz canz spellz gud
^MANLY 7.9/10
8/10, looks very hordish.


screen of my toon since my armory profile doesn't do me justice.
<<== Can't get this stuff any more
<<== Can't get this stuff any more

10/10 for legit t3.
7/10. Looks very badass but it's common. :p

A true warrior has dents in her shoulderpads.

9/10, love the silver!

9/10, love the silver!

10/10, love the Ulduar pally recolour set.

10/10 Love the alliance theme goin on with your set. The sword matches perfect and looks 100% badass to boot!
7/10 those weapons are redic.

Weapons go great with the Dreadnaught set!
I love that set :]
rate me rate me rate me <3
7/10, slightly awkward looking..but ehhh, not many people run around in yellow. Wait?!? Why am I on this side of the forums? I'm a Paladin.
9/10 That's a very manly dress you have there, but I think it needs a helm :\
Also I don't see many warriors with Relentless... why?
Also I still need a belt and boots -_-

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