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Looking for a solid group of people to raid and have fun with during DS and MoP content. I prefer 25's over 10's. I am 4/8HM with some experience on Warmaster and low percent wipes on Warlord (only progressed 3 hours on the boss at that time and wiped at 10%). My current guild has fallen apart so I need to find a good home that is 4/8HM minimum.

Alliance or Horde (factions really don't concern me. I've met some amazing people on both) either is fine. I would have to spend ~$55.00 to go Alliance. I can raid Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday from 8pmEST-12amEST (im more flexible with progression time however I cannot change my raid days).

For more questions hit me up on real ID
Hi Volksjager,

We are in need of a good DK to complete out our roster and I think you would be a great fit. I'm posting our info below, but let me know if you have any questions (realid: or feel free to apply if you think we would be a good fit (

Semi Serious is currently recruiting talented players to join our 25 man raid team. We are a very tight knit community that has raided together for over three years.

We're currently 6/8 Heroic Dragon Soul and are making very good progress on Spine.

We raid two nights a week:
Tuesday- 5-9pm PST
Thursday- 5-9pm PST

Invites go out @ 4:30pm

Because we only raid two nights a week, we expect a very high rate of attendance.

To apply please goto Please have acceptable gear (A bare minimum of ilvl 393).

If you have any questions you can contact Pssycho or Lundraxx in game.
Hey Volks ,

I'd be interested in talking to you about some dps spots we currently have open on our roster!

The Horsemen- Shadowmoon (US 83)

We're a 8/8 Heroic Dragon Soul (7/7HFL) 25-man guild looking for an amazing DK to help us be ready for Mists of Pandaria - and in the meantime farm T13 Heroics. What's unique about our guild is we stay competitive in progression while only raiding 9 hours a week. WE ARE THE #1 US GUILD THAT RAIDS LESS THAN 10 HOURS. You would be hard pressed to find a guild with a better progression/hours raided ratio than we have (we looked lol and like I said #1 US).

Basically, raiding is a not a job, and we don't treat it like one. If you're looking for a guild who slams their faces against a boss for 30 hours a week until they happen to finally kill it, we're not the guild for you. If you want to actually have fun when you raid, and still raid in a competitive atmosphere, then you should check us out. Our raid times are Tues/Thurs/Sun 9:30-12:30 EST (hopefully this works for you).

You can find more info on our website, Hit me up in game if you have any questions, I'm always open to chat.


RealID –
Hi Volksjager,

<Who is John Galt> is specifically looking for a talented and dedicated DK for a core spot in our 25man raids.

Raid Times
Tue, Thurs and Sun - 7 to 11 PM PST (server time) (10pm to 2am EST).

We run optional H FL for H Rag on Wed for mounts/achievements

Currently, we are 5/8 25 man heroic Dragon Soul and have 8/8 H achievement in 10 man.

We are top 25man guild on our server, and we are dedicated to 25man progression.

Our guild has been around since 2006, we plan on raiding through the end on Cata, and we will be raiding into MoP and beyond.

Check us out at --

Guild Leader = Fayenoor =
Recruitment Officer =Tahnaya =

Feel free to add either of us on RealID and have a quick chat anytime about the position.

For your convenience, here's a brief description of our guild.

-----<Who is John Galt?>
- Level 25 Horde 25-man Raiding Guild in US-Suramar (Pacific PvE PST server)

We started raiding in 2006 with Karazhan being our first raid as a guild. We ultimately finished TBC as only the second guild to kill M'uru in Sunwell plateau prenerf. In Wotlk, we achieved the following server firsts:

Server First Light of Dawn - (heroic Lich King 25 kill)
Server First Heroic Halion 25-man.
Server First Heroic Nef 25-Man
Server First Sinestra 25-Man

We are 13/13 Heroic in Tier 11 Cataclysm and 7/7 heroic in Tier 12, and are sitting at 8/8 heroic T13

Loot System:We use EPGP as our loot system. This is a fair attendance based loot system with no rank based biases, which means the more raids you attend, the more loot you will get. If interested contact Fayenoor or Tahnaya in game for more information.
Bumpity bump bump. Still looking for an experienced long term home!
@ Guilds who are interesting in recruiting, I posted my real ID. Please use it if you're trying to get in touch with me.
to the top!
Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled dk for a full time raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 3/8h DragonSoul.Current needs:
Dk (100% attendance or very close to it)

We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

Raid Schedule:

Saturday & Sunday @ 500pm PST (800 EST)

Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks
Keep them posts coming! Still looking!
I am very interested in talking to you. If I peak your interests with my spam then please add my real id:

<Winter is Coming> {A} Executus (PVP) is currently recruiting for 25 man raiding. We raid Sun/Tues/Weds 8:30 -11PM EST.

We are looking to finish Cataclysm strong and working on heroic content in Dragon Soul. For Mists of Pandaria we plan on being one of the best Alliance end game raiding teams on this server. We feel the best way to do that is to gather the core group together now and work on raiding this content as well as future content together. The spots that we have open right now are all for Core Raid spots. The recruit must be Geared (390ish+ item level at the very least, prefer higher) Raid Experienced and should be on for at least 90% of our raid times and come ready to raid. Flasks/Food is always provided!

Please contact anyone of the officers below if you have questions, concerns, or are just looking to be considered for an invite. If no one is around please feel free to hit up our guild website and put up an application there.

Officers: Dynin, Sangmourne, Válus, Hêrpz Faded or Asreall

-We are considering all classes but Tanks if you are well geared and experienced we need you!

Some of our biggest needs that we would like to lockdown before MoP comes out.

- 1-2 Geared healers considering all specs but looking really for a Holy Priest.
- 3 to 4 Dps Melee = Enhance Shaman/Arms Warrior/ Subtlety/Assassination Rogue
- Range we are looking for an Arcane Mage/Shadow Priest and Survival hunter.

Overall we are just looking to fill a 25 man raid with competent raiders that are interested in Progression and having fun.

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