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World’s End Tavern: Role-play and Fan Fiction
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She lay down silently, watching the clouds, the trees, and the sky. She was free now, no longer bound to another’s will. She felt something grasp at her wrist, and sat up to look. The grass had begun to wither and die around her, and was wrapping around her wrists. She tried to stand up but something pushed her back down, and darkness flashed around her.
Her eyes flashed open, adjusting immediately to the dim light of the torches outside her room. She sighed and sat up, now numb to the aching in her muscles. She looked around, waiting for the guard that would bring her food. She couldn’t figure out what they were, they were always cloaked and masked. All she saw were their burning red eyes, and even then she wondered if it was her eyes playing tricks on her. Her ears twitched at the sound of footsteps, and soon one of the cloaked figures approached her room and opened the slot just below the bars.
“Am I fighting today?” she asked, standing up to take the food.
“Yes, Elf. Now eat,” he growled.
“And if I don’t?” She grinned wickedly.
“Then I won’t bring food here for a week.”
She sighed and took the food, bringing it back to her bed. The Blood Elf sat down on the bed and began to eat the meal: bread, soup, and a piece of meat about the size of her hand, along with some water. It wasn’t amazing, but it wasn’t terrible. She waited for something, anything, to happen.


Welcome to Trapped! This is a “prison” RP, but every now and then your character (if they’re a prisoner) will fight against someone else, not to the death, just until one of the fighters can’t fight anymore. The arena consists of a rocky area, a flat grassy area, and water. You cannot escape from the arena. At all. Once your fight is over, guards will come and bring you back to your room. If you want to plan the escape attempt, let me know OOCly.

Your rooms are side by side, and across from each other. There are barred windows between the rooms and on the doors. Any weapons you need are given to you at the beginning of each fight, and taken away at the end. Guards will always have them.
Typical RP rules: no Gmoding, no outrageous actions (I’ll tell you if something’s outrageous), be nice, if someone asks for help try to help, and all that other good stuff.

I haven't done an RP in a while, so if I forgot something, please let me know!





Role: (Guard, prisoner, etc)

Rough age (Young, old etc):

Physical description:



Short history (Mostly how they got here):

Accepted sign ups

Dristis Octavian
Ashok Longshadow
Deliane and Donithil Sunblade
Seth "Gotcha" Riverfang
Calasia Bloodsfury
Krystala Dawnshadow
Nomaya the Clanless
Daedhel Dawnstrider
Sammuroth Stormfury
Nek'mashra Bonebiter
Tel'tharin "Knives" Darkarrow
Varro Stormbrew
Reserved! I have to decide if I am bringing in Ashok or someone else :3
Are we able to have classes and their respective abilities in this?
04/23/2012 09:07 AMPosted by Ashokk
Reserved! I have to decide if I am bringing in Ashok or someone else :3

*Pounce* ^_^
04/23/2012 09:08 AMPosted by Dristis
Are we able to have classes and their respective abilities in this?

Yes, sorry. I'll add that in.
I'll get a sign up post when I'm done with my duty day in a few hours.
*Pounce* ^_^

*Gets pounced* Oof! Come on Bloods why you do that lol? Now I'm stuck on the ground!
04/23/2012 10:06 AMPosted by Ashokk
*Gets pounced* Oof! Come on Bloods why you do that lol? Now I'm stuck on the ground!

Cause it's fun! *Sits on Ashok so he can't get up* hehehe ^_^
Reserved. Just need to update my Characters and decide who I'm bringing in.
I'll slip a reserve in here.
*Flails* Yay so many people I know ^_^
Name: Dristis Octavian

Race: Human

Class: Frost Death Knight, adept in Blood and Unholy too

Role: (Guard, prisoner, etc) Prisoner

Rough age (Young, old etc): 24 at time of death.

Physical description: 5'10, slim with a swimmer's physique, thick scar going from jugular to jugular on his throat, scar from right eyebrow straight down to cheek bone, body is tattered with countless other scars and tattoos of Elven runes decorate his torso. His forearms have one of each rune tattooed onto them, and they glow when he uses them.

Armor/clothes: Armor is that of Armory picture

Weapons: 2H sword, Wrath. 3 1/2 blade, one edge is smooth, the other edge is half smooth and half saw toothed. Runes are lined up and down the blade, the hand guard has a Frostwyrm skull on each side, grip is made of bone and wrapped in sinew, pommel is a claw of a Black drake.

Short history (Mostly how they got here): Took up mercenary work after doing his part with the Knight's of the Ebon Blade to help defeat Arthas, and during one of his contracts, he was set up with a murder of a family of some royalty. Moments after he arrived at the murder, guards showed up and detained him, having received a tip that fit his description exactly.
Bloods I got a question.

Would a criminal from teh Alliance be put here?

Just saying Ashok got captured and imprisoned as to how he got here.
Yeah that's kay Ashok. Has your name always had 2 k's?

Dristis, s'all good ^_^
is this a prison for ciminals or just a prison for the arena, basically what I am asking is did the prisoners commit a crime or were they kidnapped and forced to fight in this arena?
Name: Telg

Race: Orc

Class: Warrior

Role: Prisoner

Rough age: Middle-aged

Physical description: Telg stands a slight bit taller than most orcs, and has light green skin. Though he's not the mass of muscle that he once was, he's still extremely well-built from the years of fighting he's endured. even so, if one looks closely enough, they can see that he is showing signs of age. He's getting wrinkles on his face, and he doesn't fight with as much ferocity, or for as long, as he used to. If he bothered to grow hair, there would undoubtedly be some gray patches.

Armor/clothes: Telg was never one for all that flashy crap that seemed to be the hype in the last few years, and instead wears simple gray alabaster plate set, minus the helm, along with a Horde tabard.

Weapon(s): Telg's weapons of choice are a simple longsword and shield, with the Horde symbol engraved into the hilt and front, respectively. Like his armor, there's nothing special about them. All that pointless pomp simply distracts and, half the time, makes the armor heavier, hindering mobility. On the battlefield, that can cost you your life.

Short history: It started out like a normal night. A great victory had been won over the Alliance in Warsong, and Telf and company were celebrating with some drinking. Perhaps a bit much. Okay, by the time they were all done, Telg had thrown up twice. He got mad at the bartender for announcing last call, and... eheheh. Yeah. The next morning, those horrible masked men were at his door. Thety asked to come in, and knocked him out. He woke up in his cell, and had been there ever since.Yeah, it's crude, but I haven't done anything WoW-related besides the occasional OOC post and bea=ta test in a few months. SWTOR takes up all my time.
Name: Ashok Longshadow

Race: Human

Class: Warrior

Role: Prisoner

Rough age (Young, old etc): 29

Physical description: Ashok stands at 6' 2" and weighs 205 lbs. He has black hair and eyes with a collection of scars all over his body from the many years of war he has participated in. He is well tanned and has two tattoos, one on his inner left forearm which is a phrase, "Soldiers Live and Wonder Why." And a large flaming skull that is missing its lower jaw and fangs for canines on his right shoulderblade.

Armor/clothes: Ashok wears worn black armor that is covered in dents, scr@pes and missing spikes on his armor. It looks like the Warrior T6 Onslaugh set and he has a black saronite scaled cloak. When he isn't wearing his armor he is in black leather pants and boots with a white linen V-neck loose fitting shirt.

Weapons: Ashok's sword, Ragnarok is a saronite-elementium alloy that looks like the Vengeful Gladiator's Greatsword

History: Ashok Longshadow was born prior to the Plague afflicting Lordaeron, his father had served in the local town guard of their village and had earned enough money to send his wife and son south to Stormwind. He joined them later but not until the plague had already come to their village and forced Tyrael Longshadow to fight off the undead and find a way to escape at the expense of losing his comrades.

When Tyrael got back to Stormwind he turned into a broken alcoholic who constantly beat his wife and son and in her desperation Ashok's mother turned to prosititution while Tyrael drank himself into a stupor. Ashok learned to fear his father and was only saved by the good graces of a Brother of the Cathedral of Light. It was there that Ashok was cared for and grew up as an alter boy and page for the Cathedral until he was old enough to become a paladin.

Under the guidance and tutelage of the Paladins of the Cathedral Ashok excelled in his training and upon his initiation into the Order took his first assignment in the Plaguelands fighting both the Horde and the Scourge there, gaining a minor amount of military prestige. He then joined up with the Alliance Expedition headed south to Silithus and again battled against the Horde and Silithid menaces proving himself worthy of the title of Knight.

When the Dark Portal opened Ashok immediately enlisted to serve in the Expedition sent through it and with his young initiate paladin, Alaric Morgan, the pair went through the Dark Portal and helped to hold the Stair of Destiny from the Burning Legion. As time went on they were re-assigned to work with the Shattered Sun Offensive on the Isle of Quel'Danas there they again fought against the Burning Legion and helped to defend the areas that the Offensive captured while they sent excursions into the Sunwell proper.

When the Battle for the Sunwell was won Ashok and Alaric parted ways and Ashok found himself restlessly waiting for another assignment when the Lich King attacked Stormwind. When the call went out to wage war against the Scourge Ashok was already signing up for the journey north. It was here in Northrend that Ashok again earned recognition, fighting diligently alongside the Argent Crusade in Dragonblight and Icecrown against the Scourge. For his work he was given the title of Knight-Captain and continued to serve in the Battle for Icecrown Citadel, defending the rear lines of the Ashen Verdict as the best of the best went into the Citadel to unseat Arthas.

Since the Shattering Ashok has spent his time fighting the Horde, the rumors of the massive Azsharite Bomb that was used in Stonetalon angering Ashok significantly to force him back onto the field of battle agains the Horde, serving on the beachhead in Durotar and the Battlescar in the Southern Barrens mainly. It was here that he found himself doing things that disheartened him and believed himself to be the cause of the death of a friend. Ashok then deserted the military and travelled north to Ashenvale where he lived for a few months as a hermit before returning to the world a changed man, having lost the powers of the Light.

He now travels between the neutral cities of the Steamwheedle Cartel and other cities doing what work he can as a mercenary and trying to avoid the war between the Horde and Alliance as much as he can. But that life ended for him when Bounty Hunters captured him in Booty Bay and brought him to the prison where he is now imprisoned.
Hm... I haven't done a prison rp in a while, and I like that you have good grammar :p

Name: Myrei Sunbloom

Race: Sin'dorei

Class: Paladin

Role: (Guard, prisoner, etc): Prisoner

Rough age (Young, old etc): Young adult

Physical description: A slender Sin'dorei with toned limbs, but a lack of any really muscular definition. Her amor set is rather light aside from a few pieces, allowing her to focus more on prayers and blessings than swinging weapons and protecting herself, which accounts for her more "fair" frame. Her hair is long and blonde like many blood elves, and though it shames the paladin her eyes are a deep emerald.

Armor/clothes: A lightly-armored golden and crimson cassock and breastplate overlaying fine black silk clothing. The cassock is slitted for more freedom of movement. She wears armored gloves and boots as well, with the only visible heavy armor being plated over her shoulders in layered tiers. The singular gem set into each pauldron will occasionally glimmer with inner light. She often wears no helm at all, due to the fact that she is rarely involved in direct combat.

Weapons: An elegant silvered broadsword sheathed at her hip and an auric kite shield embellished with a relief of a sunbird. A codex of prayers is chained at her waist.

Short history (Mostly how they got here): Myrei is often sent only to other Light-devoted temples or places of worship due to her rather lacking grasp of foreign languages. She is often enamored with her studies of the Naaru and the Light as a whole, and as such rarely leaves Silvermoon anyway in lieu of her learning. Strangely enough, she can speak Draenic fluently, which allows her to converse with anchorites rather easily, so her usual destination is Shattrath City if she leaves her home. The only other language she can speak in any real capacity is very broken Common, so as to converse with non-Draenic or Sin'dorian peoples. On the rare occasion that she does support other Horde troops, her difficulty in communication aside from another faction's language usually results in endless frustration.

It was this failing that actually led to her imprisonment, as a verbal slip-up between her and a rather touchy priest led to the belief that she was making a threat on his life. Though she tried to explain, there were no Draenei nor blood elves present at the time and she only made things worse.Edit: Hmm, so many melee, knightish combatants already. Mayhaps I should swap for my Dark Ranger. We'll see.
04/23/2012 02:03 PMPosted by Sammuroth
is this a prison for ciminals or just a prison for the arena, basically what I am asking is did the prisoners commit a crime or were they kidnapped and forced to fight in this arena?

Whichever you want.

Srdotsalot, accepted. Good to see ya again =P

Ashok, answer my question! Looks good.
04/23/2012 02:19 PMPosted by Älanis
Hm... I haven't done a prison rp in a while, and I like that you have good grammar :p

Hehehe thanks ^_^ Accepted. I'll have my sign-up soon.
I think....I think I just might slap a reserve....right here....

04/23/2012 02:01 PMPosted by Bloodsfury
Has your name always had 2 k's?

Lol no when I switched to Gil'neas someone already has the name Ashok so I had to add a k lol.

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