Best DK Transmorg Ever

Death Knight
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Hey guys, check my transmorg kit out. Best DK looking transmorg ever?? If you have any better lets see yours:)
Seems more like a pally transmog to me. Still looks great though.
lookin cute
feelin cute
think mine wins
I'm partial to mine, but the armory doesn't have the cool purple glow on the swords for whatever reason.
The verb is to "transmogrify," not to "transmorgrify."
thx for the correction hun
I was gonna come in here and say mine is better, but dual netherbane on a tauren looks really cool. :D

Curse my tiny tiny weapon, at least the glow matches even if armory doesn't show it. Does anyoneknow a good 2 handed sword that would look better on armory?
I'm still completing my black/white deathbone set. The gloves still haven't dropped, the same with the spiderfang carapace from BRD.
Now this is good tranmog!
I heard we were talkin bout moggin in this here thread.
Mines..... Purpler!

That's right, new word! Purpler!

Ya! "PURPLER" !!!
I'm a mean, green, killing machine!!!
Oh god its purple DK who wants to be a paladin... Death knights should never wear purple. As much as I love the T10 look, I can't stand the purple version. Artha's would be ashamed of you!
I'd post but I'm lame lol

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