Best DK Transmorg Ever

Death Knight
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04/27/2012 07:24 AMPosted by Onisu

Im in ur thread, disregardin ur opinion.

That is a pretty freaking awesome tmog.

04/26/2012 11:10 PMPosted by Lauralei
... Death knights should never wear purple. As much as I love the T10 look, I can't stand the purple version. Artha's would be ashamed of you!

In WC3 when you play the Undead campaign you are purple colored and Arthas rides a purple skeletal horse.

I agree. I don't particularly like the shoulders, but they are the only shoulders that matched the set.
mine is better than OPs.......even though i forgot to take off my dumb tabard;(
04/27/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Libretto
pally is best
Sorry, but I look much better.

Notice how the Heroic Tier 13 is beautifully coordinated with my mint-green skin tone. Kel'Thuzad's cloak happens to match as well; dude's got good taste.
It also looks good with my Green Skeletal Warhorse.
i like t7 25 man the best
Lets face it, we're all awesome!
Probably my favorite looking full set for both Pallys and DKs, love the purple judgement copy. Still trying to get the shoulders and legs for my pally :(
Orc or GTFO
Hey guys what goin on D:
Im a Rapper Dawg
04/27/2012 05:19 PMPosted by Libretto
pally is best

Pally is best
Still getting my mog set, this was just a filled, it's overused now and lost it's touch..

Loved it when I first saw it but when you go around org and do random bg's only to find there is at least 1 wherever you go, it gets old really quick.

Not letting my gem out though, want to keep it to myself till I can reveal it's glory
I wear a mix of elite gear from the past two seasons just so when people ask me how I got it that color I make up a fake location of a vender where they can buy it, then I log.

04/30/2012 11:33 PMPosted by Bearon
pally is best

Pally is best
Pally is best
hai guyz --

did someone say purple?
I'll throw my hat, er hood, into the ring.

Hoping H slicer drops tonight to complete the purple tinged look
hello ladies
Normal transmog doesn't have the spiky belt, still t7 ftw.

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