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Oceanic Guild Recruitment
So up until recently I've been unable to have a reliable GOOD connection to the internet to play wow which has taken me out of consideration from any core spots in my previous guilds. I now how ever do have the reliable connection and thus I'm here looking for a spot.

Currently both characters are on Khaz and while I'm am willing to pay for server transfer/fraction change I'd rather not. Both are 8/8 norm with the shammy 1/8H
I'm looking for a guild/spot that raids on Wednesday and Thursday nights as they are the only nights that I can give 90% + attendance. My preferred character would be my shammy but I'm willing to play the pally if that's better for the team.
Both characters are listed below.

HPally -

Rshammy -
Hi there,

<Singapore> is an Alliance close knit raiding guild located on the Dath’Remar Oceanic realm. We are currently looking for a few players to fill spots within the three teams that we run per week. We also welcome players that are looking for a home for MoP.

Team Schedules (Please note that all times are in +8 GMT/2hrs behind server time)
Team 1 Wed + Thurs 7.30pm recruiting a DPS for 3/8H.
Team 2 Fri + Mon 6pm 1/8H - Recruitment Closed atm.
Team 3 Sat + Sun 8pm recruiting a DPS (must be willing to rotate on bosses) and healer for 8/8 farm.

Feel free to drop by our realm and have a chat with myself/Preyon/Mikuhatsune/Ryouta


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