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403ilvl Holy Pally with 400ilvl Tanking offspec. Do not care which i do. Looking for a new guild that is at least 7\8HM DS downed. My current progression is 6/8HM. We would be 7\8HM but our dps are retarded and do not know their classes that well.

If you want to give me more information or talk to me add me in game or add my real id: Snowhomie88@yahoo.com.

I will not be looking at other posts after i post this as a heads up. If you want to talk, Msg Me.
way to post and log off :) 8/8hm here lf a pally our hpall is about to sing in for a school sched that prevents him from raiding looking to replace him
Name: <Inertia>
Progression: 6/8H
Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays (6pm - 10pm Pacific) 8 Hours per week
We are an Alliance guild on the Dark Iron (PvP) server. (Pacific Time Zone)

Unfortunately we have had attendance issues over the course of the tier and has affected our progression, as to why we are only 6/8. The roster is more than capable of downing 8/8H as long as we find a few more healers to come and commit to raiding.

Our mission for the rest of this expansion is to complete 8/8H in Dragon Soul while fortifying our core roster with quality players. As well as having a stronger raid force going into Mists of Pandaria.

Roles in need:

- Shaman (Restoration)
- Druid (Restoration)
- Paladin (Holy)

None of these classes are required to have an off spec, but it is always optimal to know all of your specs and be able to play them just as well. As well as being able to play more than just one class will ensure your chances of becoming part of the main roster. If you do not plan on raiding during Mists of Pandaria, please do not apply with us.

Loot is distributed via a hybrid loot system between loot council and rolls.

- We require our raiders to be able to maintain a high level of attendance, especially since we only raid 8 hours a week.
- We require a working microphone and Ventrilo.
- We are seeking applicants who have a deep knowledge and understanding of their class mechanics and are able to work well in a 10m raid environment.

We are a level 25 guild and have many perks and rewards for all members, as well as additional support for our raiders such as guild repairs and free gemming/enchanting for raid gear. We are a tight knit guild where everyone pretty much knows everyone, only friends and family of the guild are invited to keep guild environment mature and fun.The raid team has a hardcore mindset but only raiding 8 hours a week. We are all serious when we have to be, especially during progression, but still know that this is a game and have fun playing it. We all trash talk each other, even the girls, and still know how to get the job done. We have been in existence for almost a year and a half. . We have other activities always going on such as PvP and alt raids to keep everyone happy during non raiding days.

Real ID: Foolycoollyfan@hotmail.com

Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dark-iron/Inertia
Using this as a bookmark so I can add you later.

Blatant Disregard is an active raiding guild looking for core members to complete our roster for our main raiding group (10-man), which is currently 7/8 Heroic. We are looking to finish out Heroic Dragon Soul and move our main group into the expansion intact, so we are interested in dedicated players only.

Raid times are Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday 9pm-12am EST

We are in need of a Hpally at the moment for our core group.

Please visit our website at http://blatant-disregard.wowstead.com/recruitment and register to access the forums and submit an application.

Once you have completed the application, please add one of our members so that you can notify us of it's completion. We will also receive an email stating the completion as well.

Contact information:

Kalma: wrecxinc@gmail.com
Jimmydamage: jandtracing@hotmail.com
Odwela: Tucker2113@gmail.com
Mauritania: rorymcleod@rogers.com
Hello my name is Andomin, I'm interested in your application. I'm looking for another core raider, not a bench warmer. Pantheon is five years old, a former top 100 guild, and we're still going strong. We're looking for additional members in our core raiding group. We're currently 6/8 Heroic 25, and reside on Steamwheedle Cartel. Please feel free to add me (RealID: Andoblake@gmail.com)

Tuesday: 7:45-11pm EST
Wednesday: 7:45-11pm EST
Thursday: 7:45-11pm EST
Sunday: 7:45-11pm EST

(To speed up the application process, write Referred by Andomin in your application)
APPLY HERE: http://pantheonbloodline.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply
Who we are:

Current progression: 5/8HM

9 hour raid weeks: EST
Tues / Weds / Mon 7-10PM

*We have 2 other ALT runs, along with a Heroic Firelands run as well*

We formed January 14, 2012. Months behind in progression, but enjoying the content. In little less than a month we formed a very tight core. We are very progression focused, and highly competitive. We keep a strict raid comp, but are always looking for people who can think outside the box.

We are always recruiting, we like to keep our raid slots competitive on all forefronts.

We are also very active on the OpenRaid.us community as well.

REAL ID: nick609@gmail.com
We would like to speak with you regarding a full time core spot with Dark Empire you seem to be what we are looking for please contact us.

Server: US-Stormreaver - High pop
Faction: Horde
Raid Group: 10 Man - 8/8HM players looking to fill the gaps in our group for MOP.
Current Progression: as a Guild 2/8HM
Normal Raid Schedule: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 7-11PM CST (8-12AM EST).
Our Website: www.darkempireguild.com
Please Contact: xmaster_64@hotmail.com

Dark Empire of Stormreaver is a Semi Hardcore/casual Raiding guild.
We are a new progression raiding guild that was formed in the late WOTLK. We are a friendly and mature group of people who likes to have fun and progress at the same time love to pvp when not raiding or running old content .We are currently recruiting experienced active player for our core 10M Raid group for upcoming MOP content.

Our current raiding schedule is Monday through Friday from 7PM CST to 11PM CST . When new raiding content is available on the PTR or Beta, all raiders and recruits are expected to attend as many bosses as possible. When a new instance is released, you can expect near non-stop raiding for as long as it is necessary. Once content is being farmed, our raiding schedule will be relaxed significantly.

You must be prepared to commit to near 100% attendance, Reliable and on-time attendance is important for all raiders. Although we of course are willing to work around planned absences for things like vacations and prior commitments. A positive attitude, responsibility, and the ability to handle one's self, as an adult in game are required, We are looking for people with a genuine interest in conquering content and also expect you to be geared enough to begin raiding immediately. You must have Vent w/mic

We are looking for players to fill our ranks such as Officers and Raid leader you must have 8/8HM+ experience for RL spot.

Loot System: EPGP

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