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Hi Everyone,

As a guild we have raided since BC, we are currently 2/12 HM TOT on our Main group We raid Wednesday/Thursday 6:30PM-10PM. and Sometimes Monday 6:30-10pm

What we expect in (full time) applicants:
- Buff Jackswift's DPS
- Someone who will nerf Trinko's and Ezelsie's dps
- Someone who will activity find ways to kill lockandlol
- Positive attitude towards raiding.
- Proper gear and specs
- Willingness to switch specs/reforges/glyphs/roles for progression

There is one spot open, these are the only classes we will consider.

We are always looking for part time raiders, which do not need to be the above classes.

The best way to get in contact with us is this website.
How to apply: http://pocketrockets.guildlaunch.com/

or msg jackswift, elindra, trinko, bluesparrow ingame.
we need a mage or a warlock.
i'm interested :)
edit bump, lots of stuff happening this week, we need a new tank/dps and a caster for our core run.
Main is 8/8h-mode and i am interested
My warlock is interested.
Still need a tank, you will be needed to tank and dps.

best way to contact us is to apply on the website, or find elindra online.

We are now 8/8 HM and still looking to recruit a rogue. Contact me in game for further details.

We are now 8/8 HM and still looking to recruit possibly a melee class. Contact me in game for further details.

Congrats on getting 8/8! You guys must be awesome!
Still looking for a rogue
Still looking for a reliable rogue or warlock. pst Trinko or Jackswift in game
Hi jack and Eli <3 <3 <3 from Nancyee
Hey nancy =D whats up?

so were looking for subs for our main raid, will consider excellent players as well.
1 spot in main run is now open, main post updated.
updated for 6/12 tot
9/12 ToT as of March 19, 2013.
2/12 heroic ToT as of May 2, 2013
we need a lock or rogue for our main 10 man run. apply via website, or try to track one of us down so we can tell you to apply via the website.
Updating for 2/13 heroic ToT. Still looking for a warlock or rogue.

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