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Hey everyone!

I'ma Level 47 Blood Elf Rogue, looking for a new guild. If anyone needs any new members, let me know!

Thanks :)
Well here at Divine Crusaders we are always on the look out for new members. I'd like to link our Mission Statement below, it's also a link to our Website:

We are small, young (level wise), casual, active, and hopefully what you're looking for :)

But I also don't know if you're interested in Alliance or staying in your server in which case :'( cause we're Alliance and located on Arathor.
Are you looking for a guild on Thaurissan? Or transfer/reroll? I can't imagine you want to feed the Blizzard Cash Tauren $25 to simply transfer a 47th level toon. I ask because if you are looking for a guild on your own server, your best source to utilize will be the realms forums. Most of the postings here make the assumption of a transfer or reroll whether its a player looking for a guild or vice versa. Granted it doesn't hurt to post here but keep that in mind in regards to any of the responses you receive.

What are you looking for specifically in a guild? RAID, Scheduled, Casual, RP, PVP? There are several solid options here assuming you are wanting/willing to transfer or reroll. Everdean has a cozy and friendly Alliance guild if you are looking for casual. Our own Daffy Blokes (www.daffyblokes.net) are very similar but on the Horde side ... and we mosey :) If you are looking for a fun but more organized, serious guild, I would push you to Tempus Noobis (http://tnguild.enjin.com/home) ... they are a newly started Reroll guild that are progressing at a solid pace and will be RAIDing soon. There are hundreds of hardcores to choose from around here ... so it all comes down to what you'd like to get out of your gaming experience.

Good luck in your search :)

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