Can't claim gold or post aucs on Wow Remote.

Mobile Bug Report
Hi just today an error occured with the WoW remote. I can log into guild chat and see the items I have on the AH etc. However I cannot claim gold or post new auctions.

I constantly get the error - Incorrect user name or password.

I use a mobile authenicator that auto imports the code and the password and username are correct. I can still log in and out of wow on PC with this info.

I have shut down the app totally multiple times and power cycled my phone multiple times.

Any assistance with this issue would be much apprieciated.
My team has been testing this all morning and the only way we've been able to cause this bug is by entering the wrong password once, importing the authenticator code, then attempting to login using the correct password followed by importing the code again. After entering the password wrong once, it locks the user out for up to a minute (but only when using the import feature for the authenticator code after typing in the wrong password once).

Can you confirm this? Try manually entering the authenticator code as a control test.

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