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My new shift at work does not allow me to play during most normal raid times. The times I can be on consistantly every week is Tuesday - Friday 10am - 4pm EST (I know most weeks Tuesdays is patch day, but I thought I would mention it).

I am looking for a guild to start MoP with, but if any guild would like to see how I play I would be willing to start raiding DS with them (althought I have only ran through LFR a few times on my main).

I was a serious raider during Wrath, but started playing in Vanilla. I have all my wrath achivements spread along different toons, but I'm sure I could get my old guild leader to vouch for me if neccessary, they are still active. Here are the toons I can have raid ready, some in a couple days, some in a couple weeks:

85 Priest (Disc/Holy)
85 Paladin (Holy)
83 Druid (Resto/Bear)
83 Warlock (DPS)
80 Shaman (Resto)
65 Rogue (DPS)

I can level up any other class to be ready in around a month to be raid ready. I am less interested in what particular class I am playing and more concerned I am playing with a group of people with similar goals to mine, althought I enjoy healing more then anything else. I would like to be in a guild with people serious about raiding, prepared to progress. I can go either 10 or 25 man, it is not that important to me. I just want to find a good home for MoP.

Looking forward to talking to anyone interested, just reply here with a guild website and I will get in touch with you.

*EDIT* - Please ignore my gear if you are looking at it in the armory, I am just messing around in old dungeons getting transmog sets. The only char I have cata geared is my priest, and I do not have that account active at the momet.
<Drachefaust> is a morning/daytime guild on Garona , Alliance. We have been raiding since Vanilla and the core group of friends are still here.

As of today we run 2 10 mans and will switch back to 25man in MoP.

Group 1: 5/8 HM working on Blackhorn
Group 2: 1/8 HM 20% attempts on Yor'sahj , Will progress with better DPS.

We raid on Wednesdays , Thursdays and Mondays from 8-11 AM CST.

Vent is required.

Recruitment needs:
As of this moment accepting all roles for MoP(Except for tanks) and need good RDPS for our groups for the remainder of DS.

Attendance: Try to make 90% of raids but we all have lives so if you are busy you will be understood. Though high attendance is always rewarded!


Contact Samarita or any other officer ingame! R ID: and
Daytime and Nighttime Too

We are 4/8H 10m and pushing through heroics quickly. We are continuing to push through content and up the rankings on our server and
could use exceptional players to help with that push.

We pride ourselves on the integrity of our guild and our players and have a well known reputation for being a guild above all others.

We have no tolerance for drama and always strive to push ourselves to be the best while maintaining a very close knit atmosphere.

If you want to raid on a very loose schedule with devoted and skilled people then we have a core spot for you.

We raid Wednessday and Friday and Monday 10:45am-2:30pm EST. We also run 3 nightime groups 10:45pm-2:00am
If you are interested then please contact me in-game on this toon.
Thanks for the responses, but unfortunatly I cannot play Monday mornings. So the best bet for me would be to find a guild that raids any days between Tuesday - Friday, and any times between 10am - 4pm

Thanks again
No long recruitment speech, we are looking for a competent geared Ranged DPS to fill a spot in our progression ten man DS group. We raid daytime / mornings Wed - Fri, 10am to 1pm CST and some Mondays depending on progression (optional if need be). We are currently 5/8HDS as a guild but the group recruiting is 3/8HDS. Full guild bank access for chants, pots, flasks and such, guild repairs and the company of screwed up daytime raiders If interested app on our website. Check out our raid logs, recruitment video and youtube vids at the following links as well. We mean business. The group recruiting has Morchok, Yorshaj and Ultra on farm and is close on Zonozz. We would prefer someone already horde (so we can cross realm test you out) or anyone with proven logs (heroic ready ilvls please). If you have questions hit me up on RealID at nick.heffner@hotmail.comRecruitment

Recruitment Video:

Guild Links:

Twilight Incursion
Horde Quel'Dorei Server
Guild Leader / Raid Master
12 Years MMO Experience

Currently Recruiting With Priority:
Ranged DPS of any type.

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