<Cuddle Puddle> recruiting RBGs/Raids/MoP

Wyrmrest Accord
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Kings of the Darkmoon Arena, reporting in.

I'm sorry, were four guilds trying to get that trinket?
Hehe... sounds like someone had fun. ; )
Stars of the show:

Tiny Blue Ragdoll carries the team.
Incorrect. Sailor Secximoon carries the team. Gawd.
It's the sandbox tigers, take those from him and he loses all his power.
Too far down.

Healers for PvP fun...

Maybe a fill-in type role for PvE......

All this while possibly being in a cuddle puddle? (still trying to figure this one out)

I might have to inquire further next time I am online.
I am the only rogue allowed to wear an eye patch. Why?

Cause I make it look good.
Alright, nine days of inactivity is long enough.

/carry back to the top.
Oh good, back where we're supposed to be, on page one, where the cool kids hang out. Cause we're the only cool kids on the block.
misschuu guise
This is something special.

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