Feral Tanking Help

I recently went feral tank to help with guild progression. I did a few things here and there that seemed right but I don't really have much knowledge as to what to do.

gems, reforges (to dodge?) enchants seem okay to me but im not 100%. i need someone to tell me what is wrong if anything with that i have set up now. be honest :3
Drop Nurturing Instinct and Stampede for King of the Jungle.

Helm: Haste -> Dodge
Cloak: Haste -> Dodge
Gloves: Crit -> Dodge

Do check out the sticky and theincbear.com
kk ill check that site out

wouldnt Nurturing Instict increase the healing of the 4 set of frenzied regen? i was debating on it because king of the jungle sounded really nice to berserk/mangle lol
you cannot cast FR in cat form
feral tank. idk if that talent effects the frenzied heal
FR doesn't scale with spellpower in any way or form - so NI has no impact on the outgoing heal.

If another feral tank is using FR with 4pc and you are in Cat form, NI will increase your healing received.
Dodge wont keep you alive.

Mastery wont keep you alive.
Dodge wont keep you alive.

Mastery wont keep you alive.
Change your meta to the stam/armor one.
Those purple gems in red slots, should be pure Agi.
On my druid I like the +20 all stats over +55 stam.
It can be argued that armor to cloak is better than the agi one.

Reforge that haste to dodge on helm and cloak (repeating what was stated).

edit, ps, on my druid I find Stay of Execution > Vortex on most fights.
You have the rep, test it out.
Dodge wont keep you alive.

Mastery wont keep you alive.

You honestly think haste does?In that gear, your meta is fine imo for 15% nerfed content. As said, just change haste to dodge and maybe glyph Frenzied Regen. Nurturing Instincts affects cat form ONLY, so it doesn't do anything for the 4set bonus.
I had just forgotten to reforge new things after I logged, but i dont understand why that person said that since those are the stats that would keep me alive lol. but i fixed things and got new gear and such so things are looking much better. had another week of 6/8h
i think hes kind of saying we dont really need avoidance reforges to tank anything, at least thats what i hope hes saying.

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