Minecraft Ultra Hardcore

Emerald Dream
I will be hosting a Minecraft event on Wed May 9th at 7:30pm server. Below are the rules and gold rewards. Reply if you are interested in joining.

Ultra Hardcore Tournament:

-2 man teams
You may sign up as an individual or as a team. Individuals will be paired at the start of the event.

-Health Regen is turned off!
Only way to regain hearts is if you make a golden apple. Don't take damage and make sure you don't starve!!

-PvP is enabled!
Attack your competitors but make sure you don't hit your teammate!

-No attacking first day/night
Violators will be banned from the game!

-There is a zone cap
The game will stop you if you try to go too far from everyone.

-3 hour mark
All mining and digging must stop and all actions must take place above ground! (This doesn't mean you have to go out and find people, but you can't hide in your underground base anymore).

-4 hour mark
The hunt begins. No more hiding in your topside base, everyone must be actively hunting other players.

-Time frame isn't set in stone!
It really depends on the number of players alive. A vote will take place at the 3hr mark.

Team - The winning team will received 10,000g in WoW (if it's team based). Second place will receive 5,000-7,500g depending on number of players. If we have 5 teams or more, third place will receive 5,000g.

Solo - Winner will receive 5,000g. Second place 2,500g and third will receive 1,000g.
Sign ups:


YAY interest!
Same here, Vharg. I watched all the Minecrack video's and all the diff perspectives.

I'll make sure Alliance players get the full reward amount through the Neutral AH. I also have a vent that players can use. All info will be posted before the event.
Sounds fun, will the different teams be spawned at different areas in the beginning?
I think the mod is still having issues with spawning. I think for the first one I'd teleport everyone to me and then we'd all run in different directions. I'm hoping there will be a fix for that soon.
What mod are you using? I believe with server commands you can set waypoints and make them as spawn points. I am not too sure however I rarely play on servers.

That's the mod. I'll have to look into the waypoints
Seems really cool, you could let the random spawn remain and make it so players would have to communicate with their teammates to group up, perhaps even a private vent channel for that team.
Would 7:30pm server work?
I would like to sign up with a buddy of mine as a team of 2
Hmmm... I'm interested.
Hey guys, I need your MC handles so I can get teammates spawning together. Reply here, my guilds forums or send me an ingame mail with them. Thanks and see you tonight!

Due to my poor planning this event is going to be single player and not teams. The gold rewards will be determined by the number of players that we have. Could be as much as 10k or as little as 5k for winning. Second and third place amounts are tbd as well. Below is the server info and the server will go online at 7:30pm cst. Griefing will not be tolerated.

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