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9/10 gears sexy and the stance of teh dwarf is badass xD

Can't go wrong with some classic hunter gear, and your gun matches well. However, the shirt and tabard clash a little bit!
@ Deceitful


I just don't like that bow....but that's me. Overall, you are like, the meanest, most badass looking draenei ever. I'm a little afraid of you :D
^ 6/10 the bow jus doesn't match ur set! quick question, how do u set the stance of ur toon in armoury when people check it out?
@ Rabak. I like that armor set, but it is used by everyone, I dunno why. I always see people with that same set. I think it looks good, but I give it a 6/10.
Extremely unique 10/10 just for that factor.

Mine is just for a change of look. Usually I wear Talhide/Netherstorm set without helm showing.
Love how the armor matches the bow. 8/10
8/10 I like that set on a goblin. bonus pts for having the same amount of chieves as I do :P

also not to sound like an !@# but i'm sorry Arrowned, while it may be unique it looks horrid. Probably one of the worst xmog's I've seen on a hunter yet. If that's what you are going for, different story I guess.
6\10 sorry miles just doesn't look right man plz judge mine since I'm probably the best hunter in the world ty


Mines not done yet. I still need my belt and chest armor. Im not going to be keeping my current belt.

Not too shabby for not being finished yet, but the gun doesn't match at all. (Even if it's a beautiful gun!)
04/24/2012 04:19 PMPosted by Elindarra

The helm matches the chest, but not the shoulder. The boots seem like 'maybe' they work...and then the Bow just does not match. Belt also doesn't match.

The armor alone is fine in terms of the way it looks, but the colors are all mis-matched
9/10. One of my favorite Xmorg. =)
I like that set except the bow doesn't match.

Props on the matching colors, looks good on a human maybe not so much other races.@ boomheadshot 6/10

(dont hate on my unmatching helm whoever posts after me :P I have the matching dragonstalker helm it just dont look as cool imo)
9/10 all matches well, just dont like that helm, doesnt entirely suit the set for me

10/10 even the beard matches

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