Weekly Ulduar 25M Achievement Runs

Hello Garona!

I am going to be running a weekly Ulduar meta achievement runs for the next couple of weeks. I will alternate the days between Friday and Saturday to better accommodate my schedule, as well as other peoples' that perhaps cannot make on Saturdays or Fridays. So, if you would like a chance at your very own Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake be sure to whisper me in game for a calender invite!

The fragments are on reserve for myself, but everything else is not. If Mimiron's Head does drop, it will be rolled on. I will try to keep 3 to 5 slots open for people that getting geared for Herald of the Titans runs, whether they are from Garona or Cross-server twinks. They will not receive special treatment, and will have to roll on everything like everyone else.

I have the right to kick at any given time. If you make us fail at an achievement, or if you mess up lesser achievements that are very simple to do, I shall kick you on the spot. So please bear in mind that though this is old content, I still expect you to put effort into getting your mount or transmog gear.

I will be doing Razerscale's achievement some weeks and others I will not. If I do decide to it, it will always be the last achievement we do.

If you have any interest in this, whisper or mail me in game for a calender invite. I will ask that no one reply to this, but rather leave remarks on how you felt each run went, and any suggestions to help smoothen the run.

Thank you for time, and hopefully I shall see some of you in these runs consistently!
id cross realm this !@#$
1st sucessful run on 4/28.

Everyone left a mount, some form of souvenir, and a fancy title.
When is the next one?
My next run is on Saturday the 5th at 8pm server.

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