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Burning Legion
Unhinged is:
Looking for more 25m raiders, we are just getting back at it since we have got here,
currently 1/8H 10 and actively looking for people to fill spots to start 25's

we have experience up to 6/8HM 25 DS and all previous content, we have been doing this for a long time.

We are currently looking for players who have a vast knoledge of their character, there's not any hand holding here or cuddling in the corner, come in do your job and get some loot.

The guild supplies everything youll need to raid:

We try and make it as simple as possible to raid here, so you can focus on your class rather than having to waste time farming for the above. All we ask is that you show up on time and ready to give 100%

Raid times:
T,W, (Thursday if needed) and M, as clean up- 8pm - 11pm Server (cst)

if you have any interest/questions feel free to contact Coldbanger or myself in game or Via our website.

Bump LFM
can i join?
That would depend on you and your ability to follow directions.
Got a few people from other servers transfering but still looking for more active players for a 25 man roster pst with questions and what not
indeed you have!

04/26/2012 03:46 PMPosted by Ataxius
Got a few people from other servers transfering
04/25/2012 06:02 PMPosted by Dexterity
can i join?

I can assure you, he does not.

Bump for more 25s.
Yea that was pretty clear Seph

as far as the 25's More is better, but theres got to be more people around here that want to push 25 mans rather than leave all the fun for the current horde 25 man raiding guild.

just need a couple more active players and things will get going, one bonus is we are helping repopulate BL with fresh transfers

bump still looking for more active raiders wanting to push 25's
so.... can i join?
bump LFM
^^ getting back into Hm's this week still not enough for 25 but getting close get with myself or any officer for anything you would like to know!

justa couple more and we start 25's specificsally a tank / healer

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