396 hunter lf heroic raiding guild. 5/8xp

Guild Recruitment
Been raiding since BC, very familiar with heroic raiding playstyle, know my class extremely well, usually out-dps hunters more geared than me. I have a very strong grasp of the game and its workings in general. I make wide use of resources including people in the game as well as forums. Good comp, stable, fast internet connection. Raid times depend. Only looking for 1-2 days a week of raiding. Cannot be online mondays or Wednesdays at all due to work, soon as well as sundays. Willing to transfer to another server or even factions. May have others who would come with me, also similar experience. PM me ingame if interested. thx! :)

I am the GM of <New Azeroth Order> on Zul'jin-US. Our raid group has a core raid spot open for an exceptional Ranged DPS.

We are 4/8HM and are currently doing progression on Zon'ozz.

We raid:
Friday/Saturday from 10PM-1AM EST
Sunday from 9-11PM EST

We are a semi-hardcore raid team, which means we are always enchanted/gemmed/reforged properly, no PvP gear, we consider ourselves experts in our classes and roles and we read all the strats, watch all the videos and know the mechanics before we attempt the bosses. We are serious about progression, but not so serious where people get angry at eachother. Raging or negative comments are not allowed. Everyone is human, everyone makes mistakes, but we learn from those mistakes and continue to progress. We require at least 90% attendance because consistency is more important than ilvl to us.

Our Rogue gets his Legendary this weekend!

In MoP, we are going to make a hard push with progression. We will continue the same time schedule as well. Our goal is to be top 5 for 10M on the server (high population and high ranked US server) and also break into top 5000 world for 10M.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, we would love to have you apply so we can interview you. We would also like to see some fight logs (if possible) so we can measure your dps, etc. Or we can do a cross-realm LFR.

Please visit our site to apply:

You can read more of our philosophy here:

You can email me during the day and I will respond to your email, or you can contact me Real ID in the evenings csmotter@yahoo.com
Hey there, we have an immediate spot for a raider like you right now!
REAL ID: m8chorwow@gmail.com, Progression: 7/8 Heroic
Website: http://cheese-vendor.wowstead.com/

[A] <Cheese Vendor> - Shattered Halls - Looking for more skilled raiders to help us continue our progression into Heroic Dragon Soul 10!

We are a casual 10 man guild with lots of fun and friendly people as well as some crazy guild chats. :pRecruitment

We are currently looking for players with at least 5/8 heroic experience:

Heroic 7/8 Dragon Soul

  • Tanks - :(
  • Range DPS - Hunter, Balance Druid, Shadow Priest. Exceptional Mage/Warlock.
  • Healers - :(
  • We raid on Fri/Sat at 4:30 PST (server time).

    Loot System: Semi Loot Council


    REAL ID: m8chorwow@gmail.com
    Website: http://cheese-vendor.wowstead.com/

    If you have any further questions, please message Catgroove or Pinkberri in-game.


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