Trading Ally for Horde Argent Tournament Pets

Shattered Hand
I have the 5 alliance side pets ready to go if anyone has the horde pets to trade. Gatta get ready for MoP pet battles. Can respond to this but I may or may not forget to check it, so probably wanna send nirvanaa an in game mail and we can work something out.
I have four of the five (no Durotar Scorpion), multiple Mulgore Hatchlings and Tirisfal Batlings. Let me know.
Since I haven't heard from anyone else yet, I suppose we can just hold off till you have the scorpion? Should only take a couple days. My account was full of alliance characters before we were even allowed to have both factions on a pvp realm so I have made a starter account to speak in game when you are ready.

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