healing PVE and PVP dru looking for a guild

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im 2300+ resl for pvp no rating becuase i cant get into any groups, for raid im 383 with only LFR exp, im willing to move to diffent sever and change to ally if i need to. just cant get into a guild willing to put me in any raid or pvp groups, im a skilled player and willing to read up on anything im asked, im just looking for a change to prove i can heal like the best. im 25 year old, caregiver for my graqndpa and work at a paintball store. im on all diffent time but able to raid or pvp group later at night like 9 or 10 EST im also going to start to work on a boom set right now i only for a pve/pvp healing set.

I'm from Dragonflight on Frostmane. We are a 25 man raid group 1/8H. We are also starting up a pvp group so I'd very much like to talk to you. my realid is hedb4325@gmail.com if you would like to chat.

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