ideas for Shaman Xmog??

hey all dont get me wrong i like my cata gear. but it's time for me to start looking for an Xmog for my shammy. anyone have ideas what a good looking shaman set is?
Sanctified frostwitch isnt bad and seems to be fairly rare

earthbreaker set i have never seen anywhere
ive got sanc froist wtich which i love. currently rocking the lava look with t5/recolored t2.

my ele set uses t6 and t7 (blue and shiny)

a lot of poeple like the tribal wolf headresses and harnesses too
forgot ot mention im going to be a troll by next week
I'm posting on my druid for a reason. I love the sets I have for my shaman (T5 and ZA) but it was so much more fun putting together the set for my druid. It was a mix of BoE greens and crafted Blues.

Rocking old tier sets is great but I think most players have more fun finding random items that fit well with each other. The biggest downside is some players will gouge you for those greens on the AH.
Here you go copy mine. Only difficult piece is the Helm. The rest you can buy from BC justice point vendor. Can get the helm from orchish Archaeology or Darkmoon faire i think.
Sanctified frostwitch isnt bad and seems to be fairly rare

earthbreaker set i have never seen anywhere

I keep going to ICC... The tokens... They do not drop!

For my original xmog, I picked an element and use that as a base. Water was my go-to element for my xmog. Full of random items from between BC and current.
this set will be awesome once i fill it out
If you look at the gear I've transmogged to, I'm using a mix of Merciless Gladiator and T9 gear.

Like others said, pick a single element and work from there. There are websites that list all the kinds of gear you can use, just gotta google it.

My personal advice is not to be afraid to mix and match, you never know when you'l come across an old set and a new set that look good with each other.

Strength and Honor!
Here's my little mog gear (PvE).

It's just to bad I can't complete the fists for current tier level 85, and even then once/if I get the DW axes, it won't matter anymore ;(
Tier 1 right now for me. Not entirely sure what I'll be rocking once I go Pandaren. Most likely the challenge mode set.
I'm the only person i've ever seen with the scarlet set, it looks alright but not amazing on a tauren, so I can't imagine how good it would look on a draenie, I only really recommend to goblins, trolls, or dwarves
< best mog, for enhance

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