We are Gnomes! Hear us Roar!

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Ladies and Gentlegnomes, It is my honor and privilege to inform you that on April 22, 2012 <Gnomeregan Forever> became the first Level 25 All-Gnome Guild on our home realm of Wyrmrest Accord.

There must be other tiny troopers out there repping Gnome Pride on your realm! Are you part of an All-Gnome guild? Know someone who is?

Please share your Gnomish success stories here!

Post screenies of your Gnomes on Lions!

I want to hear you ROAR Gnomes!

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
But your /roar is ridiculous....
As an Alliance citizen and an engineer, I must salute.

Gnomie powa!!!!
Yea I heard a gnome roar once, I thought he'd gotten a wedgie at first. It was after that I realized I was suppose to be afraid. *shrugs*
I would roar in approval, but I can find no joy so long as my people remain 'fro-less.

"You should have seen it! It was glorious.../cry" -Ozzie Togglevolt
my gnome rogue /salutes you
I /punt you :P
Congratulations! Drinks all around!

You guys want sippie cups?
*attempts to punt everyone above me*
Awh that's so cute :3

*dreams of an all Femtaur guild*

♥ Aune
Ankle biters unite!
my gnome rogue /salutes you
I /punt you :P

Stop getting the gnomes all bruised and dusty, unless you want to be the one to wash them up before ..dinner.
I've seen you before! That's really cool!
Also, I have no cool pictures of my epic roar. :[

Well I have some! Gnome Pride comin' atcha!

Gnome Powah!
Guild Classic Raiders
Guild Outland Dungeon Heroes

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
04/23/2012 01:02 PMPosted by Wrathofenvy
That was a roar? i could have sworn i just heard a little "mew" from somewhere...

You have been blessed to hear the legendary gnome druid! He (or she, reports vary) has never been confirmed, but there are people who wait and watch and hope that one day he (or she, reports vary) will reveal himself (or herself... well, you get the idea) and teach the gnomes the last bit of cuteness which escapes them: druid kitty form.

Of course with such revelation the world would be endangered, because to teach druid kitty form to the gnomes would mean that they also learn druid bear form, and a gnome bear would simply out-awesome anything ever seen in the world... of warcraft.

This is the reason that the legendary gnome druid remains hidden, waiting until the day when he (or she, different reports, you know) determines the gnomes and the world at large can handle such a responsibility.

Wait with us. Watch with us. Hope with us. One day, the gnome druid will appear.
04/23/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Khaki
One day, the gnome druid will appear.

I've already seen them, Mylune tells me to pull them from those trees.

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