We are Gnomes! Hear us Roar!

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Gnomes forever :D
Part of me is WAITING for someone to put up a Helen Reddy parody :P
I say we put in a vote for a free name change to Gnome Pen :-D.But congrats on having the dedication to massing an all gnome guild :-D
Its usally to keep all the sports equipment together. i know where to go if i wana play fetch. lol stupid Gnomes
04/23/2012 07:56 PMPosted by Huggywuggles
Part of me is WAITING for someone to put up a Helen Reddy parody :P

Er...lets not and say we did =)

I meant the Roar thing to be a play on the Lion Mounts that are iconic with guild lvl 25.

- Forbs
"For Gnomeregan!"
I've always wanted to be in an all-gnome guild. We are so adorable, the gnome haters just cant stand it.
*attempts to blend in with gnomes*
04/23/2012 01:07 PMPosted by Khaki
That was a roar? i could have sworn i just heard a little "mew" from somewhere...

You have been blessed to hear the legendary gnome druid! He (or she, reports vary) has never been confirmed, but there are people who wait and watch and hope that one day he (or she, reports vary) will reveal himself (or herself... well, you get the idea) and teach the gnomes the last bit of cuteness which escapes them: druid kitty form.

Of course with such revelation the world would be endangered, because to teach druid kitty form to the gnomes would mean that they also learn druid bear form, and a gnome bear would simply out-awesome anything ever seen in the world... of warcraft.

This is the reason that the legendary gnome druid remains hidden, waiting until the day when he (or she, different reports, you know) determines the gnomes and the world at large can handle such a responsibility.

Wait with us. Watch with us. Hope with us. One day, the gnome druid will appear.

If only. The day the make gnome druids is the day blizz gets an easy 25 dollar race change from me.

Oh wee one, little do you know that Zarhym did much more than hint that he, at times, represents the Lollipop Guild proudly.

Hell yea. My gnome warlock was my first-ever character and will always be considered my main. :D
This is why i hunt gnomes to this day.
I'm glad this guild exists.

Gnome pride!
I heart my gnomes whatever skin I am nowadays... I miss em :(
04/23/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Lavinnelly
All the fire power, and you still can't "liberate" your home capital.

sort of like how you cant capture half of silvermoon from crazed drug addicts

incorrect! that's west side Silvermoon its always been like that.

The Gnomes Race for a Cure I was in was almost just like that. ^_^ So much awesomeness that day.

I was there. It was just simply a TREMENDOUS experience and can't wait for next year!


My VERY Amateurish video of it...and Lull had me on /follow most of the way :/

edit: The second part always makes me cry

Stuff like this needs to be better recognized. That was fantastic!

...and yeah....misty eyed for sure..
Congrats on this. I was a part of your guild for a short time and I am glad to see that you have grown and hit level 25.

I shall pick my teeth with your bones!!
All Gnome guild here on Lightbringer!
no go die please. be good little comic relief and in lemming style single fill jump off the highest cliff.no parachutes that's cheating.
I have alliance pride but made a horde warlock for one purpose... to exterminate gnomes.

*cackle insanely***

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