We are Gnomes! Hear us Roar!

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My alt is a gnome, does she count? <3 Gnomes.
What's with all this gnomish gnarcissism all of a sudden?
I'll accept Female Gnomes. Only way I'll accept a Male Gnome is if he's a Warlock, I can always swing it for Warlocks.
Oh, hi there.

Don't mind me, just hunting...

errrr...wild boars. Yeah, that's it. Boars.
Congratulations Forbs. May your band of 150ish tiny misfits continue to host awesome RP events in Gnomeregan, come to other servers to visit people who come to visit you guys, and most of all, continue to interview like a boss to be sure people join for the right reasons.

Oh and Forbs... Dark Shadows was amazing. :)


As an avid Engineer myself, i love gnomish technology!

Supported :D
This phenomenon must be figured out! How would some one devise an all-gnome guild without that many gnomes? And there are 100-something gnomes in this guild!

..I might be in love.
This has totally inspired me to make a gnome on your server! Here goes nothing. :)
05/11/2012 04:28 PMPosted by Krexen
Dark Shadows was ruined.

Fixed that for ya.

*shrug* your opinion. I enjoyed it.

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