392 iLvl Ele Shaman LF Guild 8/8 DS

Guild Recruitment
Heroic Experienced Ele shaman returning to the game after a long break, looking for a raiding guild semi-hardcore/hardcore. Looking for progression through HM and raid spot in MoP. Dedicated and able to make all raid times, please contact me via mail or reply to this. Will realm/faction transfer.

Past experience on a different toon raid (During current tier):

5/5 ToC HM
8/12 ICC HM

BWD 6/6 HM
BoT 4/5 HM
T4W 1/2 HM

8/8 Normal
Hope you'll consider us. You can send Ainot, Felger or Moonwisper a tell in game if you would prefer to talk that way, otherwise here is our recruit spiel :
We are looking for 2 DPS, preferably ranged (ele shaman, spriest, hunter and/or warlock) for our 10 man raid team. We will consider other classes as well if you are good :)

About us:

Guild has been around since the end of 2007, I have been the GM since the end of BC/begining of Wrath. We were a 10 man strict guild in Wrath and have continued to be a 10 man guild in Cata and will continue on in 10 mans in MoP. We are a laid back/mature raid group.

We have 1 raid team and we do not rotate people in, so your raid spot will be guaranteed.

Raid Times:

We raid Tues, Wed and Thursday from 9pm-12a est

We are on the Server Uldaman - Alliance side

Website : http://airborne-guild.wowstead.com/

If you are looking for a friendly guild that has been around for a while, and likes to kill things, AirBorne is the place for you :)
The Awakening is a Horde guild on Suramar, we have gone 8/8 DS10 and hope to keep progressing into Heroic mode. We have been around since TBC, and we have prided ourselves on being a casual raiding guild, where many good players can call home.

We are replacing some of our core raid team slots and are looking for dependable, experienced players who want to raid one or two nights a week and be part of something fun.

We raid on Saturday nights at 8pm server time (PST)
2 Healing slots open, would prefer a Resto Shammy and Resto Druid, open to all applicants however.
1-2 Melee DPS slots open
1 Range DPS slot open.

Please apply at:
*Please make your forum username match your character's name when applying.
<Unexpected Guests> (6/8H, Realm #3) is now recruiting for its 4th team (Team Short Bus). With this being a fresh team, we’re looking to start raiding within a month but mainly wanting to push heroic progression in MoP. This is a great opportunity for people looking to scale back their raiding schedule but keep a high level of performance, or for people who have raided in the past but are currently stuck at a 378/384ilvl and want to get back into progression. If this sounds like you, please continue.

About Unexpected Guests:
After being friends and raiding together for several years we decided to start our own guild in late summer of 2011. We spend a lot of time playing this game, and we want Unexpected Guests to be an environment in which we enjoy spending that time. We take our guild’s cohesion seriously, and we believe that it’s often the single most important force behind our team’s successes. Consequently, we’re seeking team oriented players who understand that it’s often necessary to put Guild needs before individual wants.

The guild is already well established on server as being one of the best, but Unexpected Guests want to do better. Currently number three on Shandris for progression, we’re looking to go for the top spot in MoP. We’re a tight group of guys and gals that like to PvP, gear alts, run old content and hang out whenever we’re not raiding. We're not a hardcore raiding guild by any means but we do know how to kill bosses in our 6 hour raid week. Our current teams are 6/8heroic, 5/8heroic and another 2/8heroic.

Vent interview is required. We're big on communication around here - it has proven to be a good tool in cutting out drama and other miscellaneous nonsense. Don't be shy, we just want to know who we're inviting to join, and we want you to know us. There is a trial period upon invitation to the guild. We aren't a revolving door kind of guild, and therefore don't recruit like one. We aren't recruiting ghosts (lurk in the background, rarely show up, often disappear) or bench warmers.

At least 20 years of age. In rare cases this is flexible based on maturity and schedule. Generally speaking, this is a pretty firm rule. But, if you're a younger person with an old soul that doesn't have a bedtime, doesn't have homework, and has enough tact to keep it fun and crazy without bringing in disrespectful nonsense and drama, we might still be the guild for you.

Server: Shandris-PVE (EST)
Times: Tuesday-Wednesday 8-11pm EST
Raids: 10man
Website: unexpectedguests.com

Currently Recruiting:
Healers: Holy/Disc Priest, Holy Pally, Resto Shaman
DPS: Elemental Shaman, Shadow Priest, Warlock, Mage, Ret Pally

Contact Information:
Real ID and Email: benallen96@msn.com -Qosmo (GM)
RealID and Email: wowfinbarr@gmail.com -Fafner (raid leader for Team Short Bus)

Apply or post at our website: unexpectedguests.com
Otherwise talk to Qosmo, Wingwing or Fafner in game

Thanks for looking.
Hey there Snizzled! I would love to hear from you over Choice on Skywall! I think you would be perfect in our core roster!

Short and Sweet version:

Choice is a 25m Alliance raiding guild on Skywall (A Medium PST server.) We raid Monday, Wednesday and Thursday from 6pm-9pm PST. We are currently 5/8 HM in Dragon soul with 5/7 HM in progression during tier 12, and 5/13 HM's in Tier 11 Content.

Long and Detailed version:

Choice is a semi-hardcore raiding guild founded two years ago by a group of friends interested in high level content in World of Warcraft. We have a number of players who participate in PvP, and a great collection of “Friends and Family” members who play casually and enjoy the social aspects of life in a guild , but 25-person end-game raiding is our focus.


Choice started officially raiding Cataclysm content on January 12th, 2011 All kills are on 25 man.

Morchok - Dead on HM
Warlord Zon'ozz - Dead on HM
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping - Dead on HM
Hagara the Stormbinder - Dead on HM
Ultraxion - Dead on HM
Warmaster Blackhorn - Dead
Spine of Deathwing - Dead
Madness of Deathwing - Dead

Tier 12:
5/7 HM's down.

Tier 11:
BWD: 4/6 HM's
BoT: 1/5 HM's
ToFW: 2/2 Normal

What we expect out of you:

- Ability to use Ventrillo and a working mic for quick communications when necessary

- Players to keep their main toons in top shape for our level of progression with appropriate specs, mods, gems, profession perks, enchants, consumables, etc, including a thorough knowledge of their class.

- A friendly mature attitude, we expect everyone who is in Choice to display a positive raiding and guild environment for everyone else, please, don't bring your drama here, for we will not tolerate it.

- Be on time, and be prepared to raid.

- Most of all, be able to have fun! This is a game first and foremost, and should be treated as such!


While we will always look at any exceptional applicants, we are currently actively recruiting the following;

1 Balance Druid
1 Elemental Shaman
1 Mage
1 Shadowpriest

1 Resto Druid

Loot System:

We currently use EPGP Lootmaster to distribute loot which is tracked through the EPGP addon. EP is awarded for time spent raiding, boss kills, and any time spent on standby for the nights when there are not enough slots available in the run.

A little bit about us:

We are casual in terms of the hours we play, but not in how we approach raiding. We work as a team, and every raider is expected to contribute to the group’s success.

We’re selective in extending invitations, and we continue to evaluate players throughout their time in the guild. We expect all of our raiders to perform at a high level, and when members fail to meet expectations, our officers will meet with them individually to discuss strategies for improvement.

Most of our officers and long-term members are adults in their late 20s to early 40s and understand the need to treat members with respect and dignity. We don’t, however, allow consistent under-performers to hold back the entire group.

We strive to keep the atmosphere in our raids professional and focused, yet relaxed. We enjoy some friendly banter between players, but we try to keep it within reason so as to make the most of our time together. Since we don’t raid longer, we have to raid smarter.

If you have questions, or would like to know more, feel free to check us out at www.choiceguild.com or contact Fugara, Årmistice, Aidangrace, Beezlebubba, Zarethorne, Nassi, Zabanya, Doom or Lily in game and we will be more then happy to answer any concerns or comments you may have.
Guild: Epic
Server: US Turalyon (PvE) - EST Time Zone
Raiding Schedule 10 Man (Group 3)*Top Progressed*:
Friday, Saturday, and Monday
(8:30PM PST to 11:35PM PST)
(9:30PM MST to 12:35AM MST)
(10:30PM CST to 1:35AM CST)
(11:30PM EST to 2:35AM EST)
Website: http://www.epic-guild.net/
World of Logs: http://www.worldoflogs.com/guilds/196034/
WoW Progress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/turalyon/Epic

» Managing our raids:
Epic handles raiding differently from what most people have experienced in other guilds. In keeping with the golden rule, Real Life Comes First, we strive to maintain a consistent level of progression. Alongside this we strive to maintain a raiding environment that meets the needs of most if not all of our members. Epic has 3 raiding groups, all 10 mans. I am recruiting for the most progressed group.

» What we can offer you:
We are neither a casual nor a hardcore raiding guild. If you are looking for a team that approaches raiding professionally while maintaining a fun atmosphere, we may be the place for you. We are a mix of college students, working professionals, husbands/wives, and generally people from all walks of life. We are a friendly atmosphere, dramaless, social, and active guild.

» What we expect from you:
We are a respectful guild and as such tolerate 0 drama. You are encouraged to get to know the other members quickly. Applicants who do this and play well usually have a much quicker application process. We expect 90% attendance and a prior date if you can't make it.

» Loot System:
Suicide Kings is a priority loot system. It is a list of the raid members that consistently show up for raiding in your guild. Whoever is on top of the list gets priority over someone below them no questions asked. Once someone gets a piece of gear they "commit suicide" and move straight to the bottom of the list. It is a simple way to distribute loot quickly and efficiently in a raid, no waiting on bids or rolling etc...

» Progression: [X] Normal - [+] Heroic - [A] AchievementFirelands 7/7 Normal 6/7 Heroic Bethtilac [X][+] Shannox [X][+] Lord Rhyolith [X][+]
Alysrazor [X][+] Baelroc [X][+] Majordomo Staghelm [X][+]
Ragnaros [X]
Dragon Soul 8/8 Normal 6/8 Heroic 3rd plate Morchok [X][+] Warlord Zon'ozz [X][+][A]
Yor'sahj the Unsleeping [X][+][A] Hagara the Stormbinder [x][+][A]
Ultraxion [X][+] Warmaster Blackhorn [X][+]
Spine of Deathwing [X][A] Madness of Deathwing [X]
As of 4 - 23 - 2012 we are recruiting the following roles/classes. These spots are for immediate needs, you will NEVER EVER BE BENCHED. You will have a guaranteed raiding spot!
  • 1 Elemental Shaman (Legendary is a plus!)
  • 1 Shadow Priest (Legendary is a plus!)
  • 1 Blood DK Tank
  • Even though your class isn't listed, we never turn down good applicants. All exceptional applications will be considered. If you are casual just whisper an officer in-game for an invite. If you are interested as a raider please apply at our website: http://www.epic-guild.net/

    Contact Me:

    Battle Tag: Dev#1114
    Real ID: ricebowlsnomnom@gmail.com
    Xfire: Flawlesse

    Characters you can whisper: Dev, Pêrsevere, Avêrsion, Dêviant

    Link directly to our application:
    Tilted Halos (A 5/8 Heroic 10 man progression-oriented, alliance guild on Bleeding Hollow US)

    Currently recruiting:
    Shammy ELE/resto os

    CORE SPOTSAdditionally, we are always seeking exceptional players regardless of class and spec! We are female friendly and are supporters of the LGBT community. We prefer our raiders to be at least 18 years of age, and come to raids ready for progression! On our downtime we are all quite social, from running dungeons to pvp, even leveling alts and RBG‘s. It's quite common for people to be hanging in vent and socializing in game!

    Our raid days are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8:00-11:00 server (the server is a Eastern Standard Time). We are starting out as a 10 man guild, with the possibilities of running different 10 mans on different days but for the time being we want to focus on the progression team!

    Our officer includes Vandilism (sarah_perry2@hotmail.com). Our GM is me Celeenia my Real ID is timetobeme@live.ca feel free to contact me in game for recruitment inquiries. Do not hesitate to contact either of us if you are interested. We look forward to hearing from any and all prospective players. On behalf of the entire Tilted Halos team, we thank you for your time and interest.

    We are currently not using a website because we feel for a 10 man it is best to have a vent interview and talk it out and get a feel for the person so they can hear and feel what we are all about!
    Greetings Snizzled!

    We have an immediate opening for an Ele Shaman. We are 6/8 HM and seeking a solid DPS to help us down these last 2 bosses and prepare for MoP!

    Over Raided is a level 25 10-man Horde guild on Mal’Ganis, seeking progression focused raiders possessing a desire to succeed and a driven commitment to outstanding performance.

    If you are exceptional at your class, stay out of bad things, and show up prepared and on time, we have a permanent spot for you. I am not asking you to join us to sit the bench. I am interested in offering you a core position; we are not looking for a bench warmer!

    Over Raided is seeking mature gamers with great attitudes to add to our team. While we do want high performance, equally important to us is that we raid with people that make the game enjoyable. We don't fight, bicker or squabble during our raids, and we plan on keeping it that way. Below is our information, contact me if we sound like a good fit!

    We raid Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday from 7-10:30p CST (our server is CST). We pay all repairs, provide: cauldrons, feasts, potions, gems and enchants! If you need it for raiding, we will provide it!

    We are a friendly, 10-man progressive raiding guild. We have a zero tolerance for drama, loot !@#$%s, rage kiddies and asshats. What does that mean? It means our raiders are expected to perform at high levels, know their class, know the fights, and show up on time and maintain a great attitude.

    With our highly organized structure, we will not be the best guild for everyone. We demand a high standard from our players in aspects of activity, commitment and maturity. We will invest a great deal of time and resources into helping you develop your character and do not want “guild hoppers.” We want gamers who share the same principles as we do and who will dedicate themselves to the advancement and growth of the guild and its members.

    If you think you have what it takes to be a member of a great, fun and rewarding guild, please contact me for more information.

    Contact Information
    Server: Mal’Ganis
    In Game Contact: Forni
    Real ID: forni.swiftarrow (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    Skype: forni.swiftarrow
    Email: forni.swiftarrow ( AT-) gmail (-DOT) com
    Website: http://or.guildlaunch.com

    I look forward to hearing from you!
    In Omnia Paratus
    25 man Guild

    Currently H 5/8 DS
    4/8H 25m
    Server 1st 25 man

    We are looking to recruit mature experienced raiders for 25man progression.

    Tuesday 7pm - 10:30pm PST
    Thursday 7pm - 10:30pm PST
    Sunday 7pm - 10:30pm PST

    We also host several weekly 10 man teams, alt & cheev runs & PVP BGs.
    Our primary recruitment focus however is on 25m Heroic content as we have currently have open core spots for the right players.


    We ask that you must

    - Be raid ready & aware,
    - Know the fights & have done your research,
    - Be good at your job & willing to learn from mistakes,
    - Have a positive & professional attitude.

    If you are interested, please submit an application at:
    http://www.iop.enjin.com/recruitmentFor more information:-
    Feel free to discuss in-game with Slycem, Sonofshamm, or Aurara/ Beauman.
    Website - http://www.iop.enjin.com
    Email – iop.recruiting@gmail.com

    Officer REALID to answer questions or discuss further –
    Slycem splat_bullseye@hotmail.com
    Shamm Fenzinna@gmail.com

    Currently have a high need for hunters, warlocks, mages, shadow priests, basically anything ranged.
    Chaotic Nightfall
    Exodar- US

    We are a ten man guild recently under new management, and we're out to optimize our raid team. We raid from 8:55PM - 11:30PM PST (11:55PM- 2:30AM server time) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday nights. We are on the server Exodar.

    We are a friendly guild, but at the same time maintain a high standard for raiding achievement. If you want to kill heroic bosses, but at the same time have a fun time playing the game, Chaotic Nightfall might be the guild for you.

    We are currently 3/8 Heroic.

    We are looking for:

    One Hunter- Preferably Survival
    One Elemental Shaman- With a geared Restoration Offspec

    We expect you to be fully and properly gemmed and enchanted, as well as having a thorough knowledge of your class and it's mechanics. We are here to bring the player, but also expect you to come to us geared enough to be able to be competitive on Heroic boss fights. We expect a raider who is not only good at his class, but also listens well, understands mechanics, is willing to independently research Heroic fights, and can help maintain a drama-free environment.

    The guild provides cauldrons and feasts every raid, as well as repairs and crafting.

    Please whisper or in-game mail any of the Officers for details and interviewing:

    I am the GM/Raid leader of Candy Van Gaming, Bleeding Hollow Alliance side EST PvP server. We would be interested in speaking with you about a spot in our core raiding group.

    Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, 7:30pm est to 11:30pm est with optional alt raids on the weekends and optional clean up days on Sunday and Monday if needed for progression.

    We were a prior top 100 guild that left for SWToR and are now back to wow full time with our sights set on MoP and regaining our ranking. Previously we had some of the top world parses on world of logs in our guild and our core have stuck together for years now.

    We are rebuilding our core 25 man group with our sights set on MoP and regaining our ranking and will continue to progress through HDS until that time.

    Full recruitment post:


    We look forward to hearing from you.
    You can find Candyazz, ironjive, jelliebeane, or ask for any other officer on server or add me to realid.
    realid: inst98@gmail.com

    You seem like a good fit for our guild! We are currently 1/8HM Progressed and split off to form our own guild due to discontent with casual guilds. We have significant experience with challenging end game raiding including Sunwell prenerf, Heroic Lich King, and more. If you joined us you would be able to progress with us through Heroic DS rather than just jumping straight to 6/8 or 8/8. You would have a core raid spot with people that share your level of interest. Our raid times are Wed/Thur/Sun 9:00pm-12:30am PST. Please feel free to Real ID me if you are interested. m a t t h e w . u n d e r b r i n k @ g m a i l . com. Thanks
    Here is a little bit about us. Please add me to RealId if you are interested in talking. Thanks :)

    Team Elite of Galakrond is looking to recruit a skilled shaman for a full time raid spot. We are a guild very dedicated to raiding and want players with the same mindset. Currently 3/8h DragonSoul.Current needs:
    Shaman (100% attendance or very close to it)

    We take raiding seriously but also have a laid back environment where we don't try to put people down or insult them. We believe strongly in working together to succeed

    Raid Schedule:

    Saturday & Sunday @ 500pm PST (800 EST)

    Contact Strixx, Alarris, Phrosen, Lysergia, or Lilnazty in game if you are interested. Thanks


    Name: <Inertia>
    Progression: 6/8H
    Raid Times: Tuesdays & Thursdays (6pm - 10pm Pacific) 8 Hours per week
    We are an Alliance guild on the Dark Iron (PvP) server. (Pacific Time Zone)

    Unfortunately we have had attendance issues over the course of the tier and has affected our progression, as to why we are only 6/8. The roster is more than capable of downing 8/8H as long as we find a few more healers to come and commit to raiding.

    Our mission for the rest of this expansion is to complete 8/8H in Dragon Soul while fortifying our core roster with quality players. As well as having a stronger raid force going into Mists of Pandaria.

    Roles in need:

    - Shaman (Restoration)
    - Druid (Restoration)
    - Paladin (Holy)

    None of these classes are required to have an off spec, but it is always optimal to know all of your specs and be able to play them just as well. As well as being able to play more than just one class will ensure your chances of becoming part of the main roster. If you do not plan on raiding during Mists of Pandaria, please do not apply with us.

    Loot is distributed via a hybrid loot system between loot council and rolls.

    - We require our raiders to be able to maintain a high level of attendance, especially since we only raid 8 hours a week.
    - We require a working microphone and Ventrilo.
    - We are seeking applicants who have a deep knowledge and understanding of their class mechanics and are able to work well in a 10m raid environment.

    We are a level 25 guild and have many perks and rewards for all members, as well as additional support for our raiders such as guild repairs and free gemming/enchanting for raid gear. We are a tight knit guild where everyone pretty much knows everyone, only friends and family of the guild are invited to keep guild environment mature and fun.The raid team has a hardcore mindset but only raiding 8 hours a week. We are all serious when we have to be, especially during progression, but still know that this is a game and have fun playing it. We all trash talk each other, even the girls, and still know how to get the job done. We have been in existence for almost a year and a half. . We have other activities always going on such as PvP and alt raids to keep everyone happy during non raiding days.

    Real ID: Foolycoollyfan@hotmail.com

    Wowprogress: http://www.wowprogress.com/guild/us/dark-iron/Inertia
    Hello my name is Andomin, I'm interested in your application. I'm looking for another core raider, not a bench warmer. Pantheon is five years old, a former top 100 guild, and we're still going strong. We're looking for additional members in our core raiding group. We're currently 6/8 Heroic 25, and reside on Steamwheedle Cartel. Please feel free to add me (RealID: Andoblake@gmail.com)

    Tuesday: 7:45-11pm EST
    Wednesday: 7:45-11pm EST
    Thursday: 7:45-11pm EST
    Sunday: 7:45-11pm EST

    (To speed up the application process, write Referred by Andomin in your application)
    APPLY HERE: http://pantheonbloodline.guildomatic.com/guild_application/apply
    Hello Snizzled, if you can raid till midnight est, <Core> on the Greymane server (Ally, CST, and PVE) might be what you’re looking for. We raid 2 10 man teams between Mon, Tues, Wed and Thurs, 7:30pm st until 11:00 pm st. One runs Mon/Tues/Wed the other Tues/Thurs. We are seeking a skilled, dependable Ele Shaman and this is an immediate opening.

    We have ramped down for the summer and are enjoying completing hard modes in DS with 10 man teams as we await Mists. We have been a 25 man progression raiding guild for 5 years and we plan to run Mists as a 25-man team.

    We are a currently 5/8 hm DS. This is a good time to get onboard as we progress further into Dragon Soul hard mode and await MoP. We will be hitting the Mist content as soon as it goes live with a team ready to progress.

    We have been a progression end-game raiding guild for over 5 years (Nov 2006) and are very stable; we won't be folding on you. We are comprised mostly of working adults, average age is around 27-28, but we don't have an age requirement - only a maturity one.

    We take raiding seriously and are what I would call a semi-hard core raiding group; we expect all raiders to be focused and stay out of fires, but you won't be subjected to vent rage as we learn new content. We are drama free.

    On weekends we run old content for achievements and transmogs as well as FL 10 for those still looking to own something orange or drake achievements.

    Check out our website at http://coreofgreymane.com. You can contact me through the website e-mail (Iroflmao or Chainhealhax) or in-game. I'll be glad to look for you on your server so we can chat, and chat in vent. If we sound like what you're looking for, please contact me tetsulion@msn.com

    I look forward to talking with you!

    I'm from Dragonflight on Frostmane. We're a 25 man raiding guild and one of the oldest on the servers. We're 1/8H. We would like to add you to our roster. my realid is hedb4325@gmail.com if you want to chat further.
    Who we are:

    Iron Knights has been a casual raiding unit since mid Burning Crusade. We are a laid back group of individuals who like to have a good time while getting things done. Our players come from diverse cultures and all walks of life, each one of them has a unique sense of humor and the ability to take a joke during our lockouts.

    Iron Knights finished in the top 10 of their server in both The Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. We aspire to see all of the end game content as we have the past 2 expansions without raiding the same crazy schedules as top World / US / or even realm guilds.



    4/4 Bastion of Twilight
    1/5 Heroic Bastion of Twilight

    6/6 Blackwing Descent
    3/6 Heroic Blackwing Descent

    2/2 Throne of 4 Winds

    7/7 Firelands
    6/7 Hardmode 10m
    3/7 Hardmode 25m

    8/8 Dragon Soul
    4/8 HM Dragon Soul

    WotLK Achievements:

    12/12 Heroic Icecrown Citadel - Drakes / Bane of the Fallen King
    Halion 10/25 - Horde First
    Algalon 10/25 - Drakes
    Tribute to Insanity

    Burning Crusade Achievements:

    Hand of A'dal
    Champion of the Naaru

    When:***** All times are listed as Easterntime *****

    ***25 Man Raid Times***

    Tuesday: 8:45pm - 12:00am
    Wednesday: 8:45pm - 12:00am
    Thursday: 8:45pm - 12:00am

    The big question..... Loot?:

    Iron Knights has successfully run an officer driven loot council for the past 4 years. Our loot council is un-biased in deciding which way loot is distributed and is focused on what will make our raid succeed.

    Loot is handed out via a few different criterea.


    What we're looking for:

    We are currently seeking like minded raiders that wish to see end game content on a casual raiding schedule. These individuals should be specced, glyphed, enchanted, and gemmed properly before applying or contacting our guild master. Preparedness is key, knowledge of the fights is a must for success in any raid. We prefer not to waste 5 minutes explaining fights to trial members.

    Class Openings:

    Fire Mage
    Ele Shaman
    Holy Paladin

    Our recruitment status is currently open for all classes and exceptional players. The classes listed above are in high demand.

    What do you do in your spare time?

    Many of our members participate in guild achievement runs. Some still help farm for Ulduar Protodrakes, Icecrown Frostwyrms, as well as the Ashes of A'lar. Rated BG's are frequently formed between members, as well as old world 5 mans, and arenas.

    How do I apply:


    Please visit our website and hit the apply now button on the left side of our website. The application process on an active day can take between a few hours and 3 days depending on our work / raiding schedule.


    You may also feel free to contact our guild master via realid. He is generally available for correspondence after 8:45pm Eastern Standard Time on weekdays
    Opponent's raid style lies between casual and semi-hardcore focusing on end game content raiding. We are currently 4/8 Heroic with some solid progress being made on both Zonozz and Blackhorn. We are currently seeking a few new members to round out our roster. Located on US Stormrage, there are plenty of pug off night raids for the player with multiple alts. Considering all our raid schedules are very light, we expect our raid team members to maintain a 100% attendance, be at the instance 15 minutes before raid and have studied boss encounters. We expect our members to be professional and get the job done, and able to be open to constructive criticism. Understand that working together as a team to accomplish our goals is how big pixels get dead. You may be wondering how this differs from a hard core raid guild. Well let me say we do all this downing of bosses in a relaxed enjoyable atmosphere and on a very light raid schedule. Many of our raiders have been with us for years. We put skill, awareness and class understanding ahead of gear, however we do expect you to be gemmed / enchanted and forged correctly. We will gear you if required. We are mainly made up of 25+ year old mature aged players who have been playing wow for a long time. We have a good mix of males and females in the guild.
    When do we raid and what are we looking for?

    Mage: Fire / Arc
    Shamman: Ele / Enh
    Paladin: Ret
    Priest: Disc / Holy

    As the raid leader, I appreciate and enjoy flexibility in my raids. Please be able to play your main spec with the ability to switch to your off spec and have the capabilities to be viable in our raid. With a lot of instances in this game, some specs will be better suited for different fights.

    Our 25 man raid team is our primary focus and raids on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday nights from 7:30pm to 10:30pm EST (approx 9 hours per week)

    We break for public holidays and Christmas. We expect you to attend each week consistantly unless you have given us notice otherwise.

    Even if you don't see your class listed feel free to apply as our recruiting needs change and we will consider all applicants.

    We are an adult guild and recruiting adults 18 and up!

    For further information, please visit our website Opponent25.guildlaunch.com

    Want to chat with us before hand? We can interview you in vent or speak to you in game. Contact: Aveladé in game or feel free to add Helladas to your realID scottcooper48@yahoo.com

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